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  1. That was quick, thanks MikeW. I don't plan to use this font again (ever) but I'll try and remember if I come across any others.
  2. I came across an odd effect using the AdamBecker (and also Alexander Becker) font and the letters 'f' and 'l' together. The 2 letters are somehow merged together resulting in a blank character and a 'l' (figure one) character - see attachment. I found this purely by chance - I was creating a test page with text and AdamBecker is the first font in the font list. I can't find any other letter combinations and it's OK in all other fonts I tried, except AlexanderBecker. It works correctly in Microsoft Word, Lightroom and a couple of other apps I tried. Windows 10 Photo: Designer: Publisher: (Beta)
  3. That's possible, although I've been ordering books from Amazon DE & UK for many, many years without issues
  4. Thanks Alfred, I did actually have different accounts at different Amazon stores, even with the same email but differemt passwords. When I first started using Amazon I don't think they'd thought about that, but later I had problems and they very kindly consolidated all my accounts into 1 I'm just pleased they will now deliver to Switzerland .
  5. Well, I didn't give up completely. Just checked again and Switzerland is now on the list of deliverable countries For the Affinity Photo Workbook too! Both ordered Many, many thanks to whoever got that changed John
  6. It doesn't work from amazon.co.uk so I really doubt if it will work from any other amazon, and I don't really want to open more amazon accounts to try. The cost is another issue. It seems the same restriction applies for the just released Photo Workbook, I can't choose a Swiss address for that either. I'll give up on the idea, at least the Photo videos are a very good alternative - I hope they don't disappear now that there's a workbook
  7. I tried English & German, would prefer English
  8. This is an old issue but may have got forgotten - I would like a solution... It is not possible to order the book from Amazon Germany for delivery to Switzerland even though I have no problems ordering any other books from amazon.de. Could serif provide a solution, or explain why this is not possible, I think the book would be very useful. ??
  9. pinthenet

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Regarding delivery to Switzerland... I found the book on Amazon Germany and Amazon UK and they would both deliver to Switzerland, however they are asking much more than the price quoted by Affinity. I realise that this topic has been discussed (at length) already, but I wonder if there is any update? Amazon UK also include an Affinity Photo Workbook scheduled for October 2017. Will that have the same delivery restrictions? Thanks John