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  1. Thanks, That is exactly what happened. Not sure why you would have the Typography buttons when I tried other fonts none of the ones I have loaded work with them.
  2. Cannot get the Superscript or Subscript to work with a Number Sign # tried many fonts but no luck. Windows 10 Pro.
  3. You have a Great Product, it's just that seeing a feature I could have used for a client job today that was asked for over 2 years ago prompted that post. I do agree with retrograde's post, as long as it does not take you away from programming those updates Cheers, Mike
  4. I Agree, this is needed to stay in this program without having to resort to mixing tools just to get the job done... it's FRUSTRATING! Moderator said it was on the Roadmap over 2 Years ago... this must be some Loooooog Road!
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