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  1. Same with me on Windows 10
  2. DoctorMicro

    Editing Frame Text Issue

    While I was trying to fix or find a workaround I found that if I HELD the ESC Key while using the Backspace and other keys, fixed the issue. Not sure, if this will come back or not VERY ODD Indeed!
  3. I pasted text from a notepad file into a Frame Textbox and then on trying to edit it, I get odd boxes and other things like all caps when none is selected. Using a Back Space creates these "boxes" also and if I click on delete it will delete all the text in the box not just highlighted or the text to the right. Running affinity-publisher-beta- Windows 10
  4. DoctorMicro

    Check spelling while typing

    Agree with Walt, autocorrect seems to be working but not the spell check in any way at all.
  5. Easy Update Looks Great so far looking forward to seeing whats next!
  6. You have a Great Product, it's just that seeing a feature I could have used for a client job today that was asked for over 2 years ago prompted that post. I do agree with retrograde's post, as long as it does not take you away from programming those updates Cheers, Mike
  7. I Agree, this is needed to stay in this program without having to resort to mixing tools just to get the job done... it's FRUSTRATING! Moderator said it was on the Roadmap over 2 Years ago... this must be some Loooooog Road!