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  1. Hi all, maybe it's just me, but i can't get Affine to work as i might expect? any image or curve i try it on, the effect only works if the scales are really small? does that make sense? will attach image to illustrate it's like it's including the entire canvas/both layers rather than the selected layer? please help as i'd like to create some repeat patterns.
  2. Gareth Humphreys


    Hi, yeah, i too am having this issue, if you attempt to flip it over by dragging one of the nodes/handle, it flips back to its original orientation! quite annoying!
  3. Gareth Humphreys


    Update: try as i might, i cannot get this to work i draw an ellipse, select the Artistic text tool, press inside the ellipse as per the tutorial, but it just creates another layer with the text on, and not following the curve. i must be doing something weird.
  4. Gareth Humphreys


    excellent, thanks for you help. Luckily i already have designer!
  5. Gareth Humphreys


    hi there, probably a dead simple one this, but for the life of me i can't seem to figure it out, how do i make text follow a curve?
  6. Gareth Humphreys

    “Remove white paper” filter.

    i tried exporting as described, but no joy, the image itself is the background, applying the filter doesn't separate the image into a background or foreground, i can add a background, which appears, but it won't go completely white, its overlaying tones from the original image, it must just apply to pure whites rather than off whites, which kinda defeats the object of what i'm trying to do...
  7. Hi all, I’m using affinity on smaller iPad Pro, trying to get the “remove white paper” filter to work. im photographing products on a white paper background, and want to remove the paper completely, so I click the “remove white paper” option. The white areas go transparent on screen, but not if I export. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to “apply” somehow?
  8. Already tried it, not as good, the trouble with the adobe suite of apps is that to apply multiple effects, you have to switch between the apps, with is time consuming and annoying... so app you mentioned does indeed work, but is not a fully featured... it's more of a one trick pony....
  9. Hi Pamela, thanks for taking the time to reply, apologies, i must not have explained myself correctly! :) what i'm looking to atchieve is something like the example i found below/attached, if you or anyone could assist me in the required technique that would be great!
  10. Hi all, brand-new user here (using iPad), I want to get into what are probably very basic techniques, but for the life of me I can't figure them out! I'd like to be able to blend two photographs together side-by-side, one fading out into another, I don't know how to do it or where to start! If somebody could show me the way that'd be great!

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