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  1. Many Thanks Chris, apologies for the initial post I was a bit stressed! I’ll convert the files to tiff to see how that works out. Darren
  2. Hi Chris, I raised an issue previously about placing raw photos on top of created stacks (it’s still in my profile). That was reported back in late June. I basically stacked two to five raw photos, flash, ambient etc. Then added further raw photos on top for masking etc. That worked for some time, but then the issue started so to get round that I started stacking every photo I’d need. So sometimes 8 ish raw photos would be in a stack. On reflection that must have been no earlier than early June. So there were still a fair few photos that were stacked prior to this and that didn’t
  3. 28AD5EFC-44E7-4DA3-A581-F81896F8A8B4.MOV Hi EdM, thanks for the response, but it’s not really helpful. If you read my initial post you’ll realise that everything worked well prior to the last update. Since the 1.7 update things have changed and I’m not the only genuine, regular user of AP to raise these problems. The lagging, where everything slows to a fragmented pace, the freezing happens to a greater or lesser degree with every file, dependant on how many stacked photos I’m using. The crashing happens for various reasons, I’ll be working on something and then it freezes, then after varyi
  4. Hi, I have an iPad Pro 12.9 3rd gen, always kept up to date with latest release. It’s not on the current beta for the ipad iOS. Affinity photo is always kept up to date. I’ve been with affinity photo for over two years and this was the first experience of photo editing for me. I’ve mostly enjoyed the journey. I do property photography, take raw 14 bit photos with my Nikon Z6 and then blend from 2 to 8 ish photos, ambient to flash etc. I’m not an adobe troll I’m a loyal AP customer, but I’m seriously at the end of my tether. It’s constantly lagging, freezing and crashing far too fr
  5. Ok at least I know it’s being looked at so thanks. The next time I get one of the lines I’ll screen shot it and attach it here with all relevant info. I’ll also save the original photos and AP iCloud file in case you want to look at that.
  6. Hi Chris, sorry it’s the same issue as first described. But occasionally one of the pictures in the stack has a horizontal line either fully across or partially across. I didn’t know if this was connected to the other issue so I wanted to highlight it. I’ll try to replicate the line issue and attach a picture. When I stack, however many pics, I don't get any issues apart from the occasional line that I wanted to highlight. It’s when I’ve already got a stack or a single photograph and I go into place one on top. That’s when I get a picture with black bands at the top and bottom and
  7. Hi Chris, I’ve updated to the new version and tested some of the issues I had. Thankfully a lot of issues are now resolved, apart from this issue with placing photos on top. Has this issue actually been addressed in the latest update? If not I just want to clarify what’s happening in case it helps. I upload all my Nikon z6 raw files from xqd card, via Sony card reader, to my iPad Pro. They’re then put into a file labelled with the property address. I open between 2-7 raw files by stacking them (with every option but live perspective) in AP. So all of that goes well, mostly. Oc
  8. Hi, I’ve just updated AP and it threw a bit of a wobbler to start with. In the develop persona there’s no change to before, but in the photo persona crop tool there’s now an orientation button next to the thirds/spiral. The orientation button does the job!!
  9. Hopefully someone will pick this up as I’m sure this would be easy to sort!
  10. Hi, The composition overlay grid for the Fibonacci circle is a useful tool. I could swear blind that you could previously rotate this overlay to the four possible end points. However, this is not currently possible. Can this be changed so it can be rotated?! Thanks Darren
  11. Hi, thanks for replying. When I say rotating I mean the end point of the spiral rotating to the four points of the given picture. Like the attached ...
  12. Hi, I’ve searched for the answer, but can’t find anything. So I could swear blind that you could previously rotate the Fibonacci spiral overlay on the iPad?! I’ve tried to figure it out and by searching on here, there etc but can’t do it. Can someone help? Thanks Darren
  13. It’s still workable for me due to stacking, but a fix will be appreciated!!! Many thanks!!
  14. Hi, I have been using ap on iPad for approx 2 years. I do property photography so regularly have layers of photos for a bit, flash, masking in window view etc I shoot only raw files using my Nikon z6. Now I’ve experienced some issues when I first got my z6, but I believe this was down to apples code. However, this was all fixed so happy days. I started creating stacks of raw photos, regularly 4, 5 sometimes more photos. I’d occasionally try to place another photo on top without issues. This was all prior to the first 1.7 update, now since the update things aren’t working cor
  15. Dan C, batch processing and macro creation on iPad is music to my ears. Don’t suppose there’s a release date for 1.7 yet?
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