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  1. Hi Chris, I’ve updated to the new version and tested some of the issues I had. Thankfully a lot of issues are now resolved, apart from this issue with placing photos on top. Has this issue actually been addressed in the latest update? If not I just want to clarify what’s happening in case it helps. I upload all my Nikon z6 raw files from xqd card, via Sony card reader, to my iPad Pro. They’re then put into a file labelled with the property address. I open between 2-7 raw files by stacking them (with every option but live perspective) in AP. So all of that goes well, mostly. Occasionally I get a solitary line through one of the pictures, I resolve this by reloading them. Can’t upload a picture of this at present. Also don’t know if this was a known issue. I then do all my normal masking, blending etc. The only time I can resolve this is if I load a solitary picture into AP, that I want to place on top of a stack. Save it as a jpeg file in iCloud, in the actual affinity folder, wait for it to completely upload into the iCloud then place it on a stack I’m working on. Obviously this is a pain as it’s time consuming. Thanks Darren
  2. Chesney8315

    Fibonacci Spiral overlay in crop tool

    Hi, I’ve just updated AP and it threw a bit of a wobbler to start with. In the develop persona there’s no change to before, but in the photo persona crop tool there’s now an orientation button next to the thirds/spiral. The orientation button does the job!!
  3. Hopefully someone will pick this up as I’m sure this would be easy to sort!
  4. Hi, The composition overlay grid for the Fibonacci circle is a useful tool. I could swear blind that you could previously rotate this overlay to the four possible end points. However, this is not currently possible. Can this be changed so it can be rotated?! Thanks Darren
  5. Chesney8315

    Fibonacci Spiral overlay in crop tool

    Hi, thanks for replying. When I say rotating I mean the end point of the spiral rotating to the four points of the given picture. Like the attached ...
  6. Hi, I’ve searched for the answer, but can’t find anything. So I could swear blind that you could previously rotate the Fibonacci spiral overlay on the iPad?! I’ve tried to figure it out and by searching on here, there etc but can’t do it. Can someone help? Thanks Darren
  7. It’s still workable for me due to stacking, but a fix will be appreciated!!! Many thanks!!
  8. Hi, I have been using ap on iPad for approx 2 years. I do property photography so regularly have layers of photos for a bit, flash, masking in window view etc I shoot only raw files using my Nikon z6. Now I’ve experienced some issues when I first got my z6, but I believe this was down to apples code. However, this was all fixed so happy days. I started creating stacks of raw photos, regularly 4, 5 sometimes more photos. I’d occasionally try to place another photo on top without issues. This was all prior to the first 1.7 update, now since the update things aren’t working correctly. I can stack raw photos, but if I try to place another photo on top by clicking on the screen a very small file opens (photo attached). When I expand the photo there is a black band at the top and bottom and the resolution of the photo is terrible (photo attached). I tried it a different way by opened one photo and after closing the raw persona tried to place a photo on top. Same problem. Is there a simple solution as this is causing me a headache? Apart from that I like the new interface!! Many Thanks Darren Ps I used a brightness contrast adjustment to brighten the photo with the banding etc, but nothing else!
  9. Dan C, batch processing and macro creation on iPad is music to my ears. Don’t suppose there’s a release date for 1.7 yet?
  10. Chesney8315


    I’ve recently got a z6 and am experiencing the same issue. I’ve been to Nikon who confirmed it wasn’t the camera so checked the list for Apple and the camera’s on there. So it looks like affinity photo! I’m a big fan of AP so I hope they resolve it urgently as I only have an iPad Pro and its not good for my business. I don’t suppose you have any further info GabrielM?
  11. Chesney8315

    Nikon Z6 Support

    Thanks for all the help, appreciate it! Darren
  12. Chesney8315

    Nikon Z6 Support

    Hi, i got got the following email from Apple:- Hi Darren, Thanks for contacting us. I’ve included some information below to help with this. If you continue to have issues with content in this app, please contact the app’s developer directly, they may have more specific troubleshooting steps for their app. Use this link to contact the app’s developer: https://affinity.serif.com/forum Note: Although we mentioned third-party products in this email, Apple doesn’t recommend or endorse these products. If you still need help after contacting the app's developer, reply to this email. I’m here to help. Thanks, Naveenkumar iTunes Store Customer Support http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ww So so it brought me back to the forum. I then looked into the link at the top of this message and checked the iOS 12 list. Z6&7 are shown on that list. So does that mean they’ve done what you said about Apples Raw engine? Thanks Darren.
  13. Chesney8315

    Nikon Z6 Support

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ve sent a message to Apple following your advice, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!! Darren
  14. Chesney8315

    Nikon Z6 Support

    Hi, I’ve just preordered a Nikon Z6 with the new wide angle z lens. It’s a package that won’t arrive until April, ish. I searched the forums for Z6 support to find out that it’s not currently supported!!! Unfortunately I do all my editing on my iPad Pro as I don’t have a desktop/laptop (too expensive to get the power I wanted), so without an editing program for my iPad I’m buggered! I realise this is asking how long a piece of string is, but how long does it normally take to get support on new cameras? Is it likely to be by April? Thanks Darren
  15. Chesney8315

    Exporting multiple photos simultaneously

    Thanks for the advice guys, I’ll have a look at the video and see if it’ll help. Thanks again.