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  1. Dan C, batch processing and macro creation on iPad is music to my ears. Don’t suppose there’s a release date for 1.7 yet?
  2. Chesney8315


    I’ve recently got a z6 and am experiencing the same issue. I’ve been to Nikon who confirmed it wasn’t the camera so checked the list for Apple and the camera’s on there. So it looks like affinity photo! I’m a big fan of AP so I hope they resolve it urgently as I only have an iPad Pro and its not good for my business. I don’t suppose you have any further info GabrielM?
  3. Chesney8315

    Nikon Z6 Support

    Thanks for all the help, appreciate it! Darren
  4. Chesney8315

    Nikon Z6 Support

    Hi, i got got the following email from Apple:- Hi Darren, Thanks for contacting us. I’ve included some information below to help with this. If you continue to have issues with content in this app, please contact the app’s developer directly, they may have more specific troubleshooting steps for their app. Use this link to contact the app’s developer: https://affinity.serif.com/forum Note: Although we mentioned third-party products in this email, Apple doesn’t recommend or endorse these products. If you still need help after contacting the app's developer, reply to this email. I’m here to help. Thanks, Naveenkumar iTunes Store Customer Support http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ww So so it brought me back to the forum. I then looked into the link at the top of this message and checked the iOS 12 list. Z6&7 are shown on that list. So does that mean they’ve done what you said about Apples Raw engine? Thanks Darren.
  5. Chesney8315

    Nikon Z6 Support

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ve sent a message to Apple following your advice, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!! Darren
  6. Chesney8315

    Nikon Z6 Support

    Hi, I’ve just preordered a Nikon Z6 with the new wide angle z lens. It’s a package that won’t arrive until April, ish. I searched the forums for Z6 support to find out that it’s not currently supported!!! Unfortunately I do all my editing on my iPad Pro as I don’t have a desktop/laptop (too expensive to get the power I wanted), so without an editing program for my iPad I’m buggered! I realise this is asking how long a piece of string is, but how long does it normally take to get support on new cameras? Is it likely to be by April? Thanks Darren
  7. Chesney8315

    Exporting multiple photos simultaneously

    Thanks for the advice guys, I’ll have a look at the video and see if it’ll help. Thanks again.
  8. Chesney8315

    Exporting multiple photos simultaneously

    Hi, thanks for the reply, I’m ok once I get them to the cloud, that’s the quick part from there. It’s sending 20-40 photos, one at a time, from af to the cloud. This is the part I want to speed up somehow?
  9. Hi, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere (I’ve tried searching before posting). Anyway I do property photography so can end up with 20 to 40 pictures in a project that I export to iCloud. Is there a way to export multiple photos at once? It’s a real pain in the posterior having to export one st a time!!! thanks Darren
  10. Chesney8315

    Loading Failed Unable to Load Document??

    Yeah, I can open them from the iPad they were initially uploaded to & from iCloud and Dropbox. I edit the file in affinity, then export directly to iCloud. I don’t save a copy directly to my iPad. The photos are all uploaded and edited as RAW files too.
  11. Chesney8315

    Loading Failed Unable to Load Document??

    Yeah, I leave all the original files on until I close the affinity files.
  12. Hi, ive recently started to get the following warning “Loading Failed, Unable to Load Document”. I start a new project for property photography and add all the photos to that (as you can see on the attached photo). I edited all of these photos, exported them to iCloud as jpegs, then went back into the app. Then tried to open the first file to get the following warning. This has happened before and there’s been nothing I could do to open the file. Once or twice didn’t concern me, but this is starting to happen more. Can anyone help? many thanks Darren
  13. Chesney8315

    Tutorial Covering All the iPad Features

    Thanks for the reply Callum, I know of a few people who like me are using it as an editing starting point. A workbook or electronic workbook would be a great compliment and I’d happily pay for one. Just in case the team decide to bring one out!! thanks Darren
  14. Hi, I do property photography and use an iPad Pro for all my editing. I’ve had the iPad and affinity app from sept 17, prior to that my editing experience was practically zero. I’ve followed numerous great video tutorials by James Ritson and others and learnt quite a bit. But I want a more detailed look at everything the app does from my inexperienced perspective and there isn’t enough videos covering that. I’ve followed some of the desktop program videos, but that’s different. I thought about purchasing the affinity photo workbook, but after searching the forum topics for that it wasn’t best advised. Linkedin has a specific iPad tutorial, although it’s not free so I don’t want to waste money if the content isn’t recommended. So can anyone help/advise me on where or what I should be looking at?! Many thanks Darren
  15. Chesney8315

    iPad Raw file(s) developing and blending

    That’s great, thanks for your help!