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  1. I have been trying to share to my Dropbox on iOS publicbeta 6 and AP 164. I can only see iCloud on the share/export option. However I can import from Dropbox..... has anyone tested successfully with iOS pb 6? thanks
  2. Pjkemp

    Luminosity Masks for Adjustment & Filter Layers

    Import works from library panel, not from macro window. Newbie driver error. Sort of.. I now have the macros working....
  3. Pjkemp

    Luminosity Masks for Adjustment & Filter Layers

    I am trying to import these macros on AP windows trial. First of all AP is looking for an .afmacro file not an .afmacros file. Secondly, I renamed the file to .afmacro and tried to import the macro. Nothing happens ... Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance Phil (BTW, the same file works fine on the iPad version named .afmacros)
  4. I purchased the iPad version recently when the price was $30.... Is there any thought to offer a $10 refund for all users that bought the iPad version in say the last 30-60 days? Thanks for considering this. Phil
  5. Sorry about the confusion, I found the entry in the online text help manual.... Actually both entries... Now I know where to look... PK
  6. I assume you mean the monochrome one? What does the little color one do? Thanks PK
  7. How does one enable/disable the pencil pressure for brush input? Specifically in the dodge/burn dialogue. What are the two round bullseyes at the right side of the main dodge/burn dialogue... thanks for for any info.... Phil