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  1. First off, congratulations on launching Publisher! Having all the features from Photo and Designer Personas inside Publisher are such a fantastic achievement and I couldn't be happier. That said, since the whole thing has been revealed now, I would like to make a request that would be a massive benefit for us who want to migrate over to Publisher to do a lot of the heavy work in our projects. In the future, I want to be able to make Publisher synchronize with Photo and Designer so that your entire workflow gets carried over to the software. Stuff like: Keybinds from the original Personas. Brushes. Swatches. Macros. Assets. UI panel layout from the Studio. Basically, everything that these two Personas have. Also would be nice if any changes saved in Publisher carried over back to Photo and Designer, to ensure consistency every time you open up each program. This would help tremendously when migrating from Designer and Photo into Publisher. Maybe we might see this for version 2.0, since I guess this could be a big undertaking.
  2. Finally it's officially out! Guess I can talk freely now about the other two Personas, because man, this is the kind of software symbiosis I have been wishing for for the last decade in regards to Photoshop and Illustrator. Thanks Serif for making my silly dream a reality!
  3. Talk about hyperbole. I never said all forms of criticism are a bad thing or illogical. I've made made fair share of criticism for Affinity products. However, when a product launch is just around the corner and the developers have said that they are going to reveal more information about the future for all their products, including Designer, it is a bit unreasonable to make a complete judgement of something when you don't have all the cards on the table yet. They might solve the issues you have or they will not. That is up to each individual to decide.
  4. The vast majority of testers didn't test the other Personas in Publisher, so yeah. I guess you've tried them as well since you've Beta tested Publisher? There was a bug that activated them for people who used an older version of the Beta builds. I'm surprised you are asking if there are features beyond the Beta as a Beta tester when features being locked away till the official release have been known for months. I personally think it is fair to give the developers the chance to make their case themselves for the official reveal, and it is up to us consumers to decide if it's good enough or not. Besides, even if I didn't know all the launch features for Publisher I still think that would be the better option to wait and see, since it is illogical to make a complete judgement of a product that still hasn't revealed all its features and hasn't even launched yet.
  5. It's neither blind, irrational, or a belief, since I made that judgement myself after seeing all the features Publisher has once it launches, and I mean every single one. I am not going to spoil everything here out of respect for the hard work that the developers put into Publisher, but I do know you can find the info about it if you are looking for it, since a few people already revealed the surprise. It's really up to you if you think it's good enough once Serif has made the official announcement today, since I am not the one to make that call.
  6. @JGD I think it's a good idea if you wait till Publisher is officially released on Wednesday before passing judgement on their decision to remove this feature from Designer. You will probably understand the developers' reasoning a bit better by then.
  7. I understand you wanting your problem fixed, but that was uncalled for, man. The thread had already got three separate responses from employees before your comment even showed up. I'm pretty sure they know it is an issue.
  8. @Iceman I know that on their roadmap for Photo they are planning on adding something called a "Looks" Persona. From what has been described about the feature, it will have those types of artistic filters you are looking for. So until they announce that the Looks Persona will finally be added in an update, you will not have these filters available I'm afraid.
  9. @Petar Petrenko Doesn't RC just stand for "Release Candidate", meaning that it is a candidate for going live since it is stable enough? You might have been overthinking it a little. ^^
  10. Correction. I do use Illustrator for precision work (my last Illustrator project was building an entire user interface with vectors for a games company), but I am not so well versed in Illustrator that I can describe every feature missing in Affinity like I would be able to do with Photoshop. When you brought up your example I understood what you meant, but I couldn't really deduct what your particular user case would be when you brought the feature up initially. I can understand Old Bruce's reponse to your statement, since it was quite a bit of a sweeping generalisation.
  11. Well, you're right about me at least. I am a Photoshop guy primarily with decent enough knowledge about Illustrator. My assumption was that you meant snapping to object was to be able to realign it to its original position which a simple undo would have done, but I get what you mean now with your example.
  12. @Petar Petrenko I guess they forgot to upload RC1 or to label the previous build that? I do hope they update the roadmaps after Publisher is released along with news about 1.8 being in the works and a date for the Beta. I kind of doubt 2.0 is around the corner when Publisher is just about to launch. As nice as the software is with its baseline features, it would still feel a bit bad investing into the the first version just for Serif to release 2.0 without even a single free update. It would just feel like double dipping for early adopters.
  13. Will probably be a while before we start seeing more AI being added into these types of softwares, but it does sound pretty cool. I look forward to the day I will have to plug in my brain to just think up stuff on the spot.
  14. @Cecil One question, what do you mean by AI? That the program has an artificial intelligence to do the work for you?
  15. Since no user has bothered bringing this issue up in either the bug report forums or in the suggestions forum, I guess I will. I am just simply going to refer to the discussion going on in this thread, since it sums up the issues going on with this feature: Apparently some changes were made to Resize Document during the Beta, which is why I posted this here. So, is this how it is supposed to work, or is it a bug? Some clarification by the developers would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. I recall from some other thread that you can't open a stock photo as a new document by dragging the file from that panel. Oddly enough, you can drag and create a new file by opening your internet browser and drag whatever image you want into both an already existing file and as a new document file, which is at least a workaround. However, the panel should be changed to do the same, I agree.
  17. @IDT Adrian Hey, it seems like they fixed the bug in the latest Beta! Will have to check it out once I get the time.
  18. @Guilherme Ferreira As Aamppaa said, you have to click on the thumbnail. In Affinity there is a difference between clicking on the layer thumbnail and clicking on the rest of the layer in the Layers panel. You can also add more to selection from other layers by holding down shift as well. This works too when selecting based on luminosity with ctrl + alt + L click on a thumbnail.
  19. I think there should be several ways to do this in the Affinity Suite. Right now you can do it by creating a New From Clipboard document, but 1) it doesn't actually keep the DPI of the original file, which is a big no no in my eyes, and 2) this is hidden away in a menu when it could just as well be shown in the R click menu when clicking on layers. Here's a list of ways I would like to see in Affinity to make pixel perfect crops: The crop tool has a menu option to make crops based on selected layers or on empty pixel space. Create new document from clipboard needs to create a document based on original document DPI and should be accessible in the R click menu in the Layers panel. The Export Persona should have the option to make slices based on layers selected with pixel perfect cropping if you want to work with non-destructive cropping. Right now you can crop based on layers, but I haven't found a way to make it crop based on pixel perfect dimensions when working in Photo. Finally, the ability to create an Embedded Document while using R click on selected layers, which is basically what a Smart Object is in Photoshop. This would both solve two issues at the same time, since 1) it would make your original file do non-destructive cropping since it is embedded into the original file, and b) make creating embedded layers a lot faster than it currently is.
  20. Tell me about it. Early last year Windows broke the feature completely in an update, which made it nearly impossible to draw when I used Photoshop at the time. Luckily the creative community found a workaround, but it was quite a bit of work.
  21. If you click the arrow in the top right corner of the link I sent in my previous message (it's a big icon with an arrow tilted 45 degrees to the right), you get transferred immediately to the video I linked to. There is also another video I linked in there that gives you some additional information about panels (they are the only posts with a video player and my name on them). If you got any more questions, ask ahead, and I'll see what I can do!
  22. That makes sense. If the design was intentional, then it isn't a bug. That's why you have suggestion forums to argue for why those intentional design decisions should change. Other developers for other softwares do the same distinction between what is a bug and an intentional design decision as well. I've been Beta testing Blender 2.80 since December, and they do the same thing there by dividing up bug reports and feature/design suggestions to different forums to make sure they stay organized.
  23. Did you try making a new layer and fill the canvas with colour to see if the selection worked (works also with Create New Fill Layer in the Layers menu at the top of the screen)? If not, then maybe report that as a bug.
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