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  1. Thanks, I already use them, very handy! After some research I found another service that is very easy to use and (as of now) free of charge: https://mockup.io/about/ It's perfect for my needs, just export slices from Affinity, upload them, create link zones and a fixed header and you're ready to go. EDIT1: And just reading into the topic a little bit more, here is a list of other, similar tools that could help: Briefs, InVision, Notism, Flinto, Fluid, Mockup.io, Prott, POP, Marvel, Balsamiq, Red Pen and Keynotopia. EDIT2: In the end I went for Invision, Mockup.io is abandoned and sometimes works and sometimes does not work (unfortunately). What I would love to see now is a workflow form Affinity Designer to Invision, as it's already possible with Photoshop.
  2. Thanks @Bri-Toon I'll give Moqups a look. After days working with Affinity Designer on UX / Screen Design I absolutely love Affinity Designer, it brings all the advantage essentials you need. Would love to see Affinity to add a native channel to one of these Mock-up tools in the future.
  3. So I guess exporting a series of artboards is the way to go at the moment? Could you suggest any external tools or services?
  4. I'm starting to use Affinity Designer for creating layouts for mobile apps. Perhaps tools like Axure would be an even better fit for this scenario, but I would love to stick to the software I know and create the screens with Affinity Designer, especially since I like the visual outcome. Currently I'm using one document for an app, which contains several artboards, one per screen. Now my question is: What's the best tool and workflow for getting clickable prototypes out of Affinity Designer artboards? Mandatory function would be to display the screen / artboard and have clickable areas which link to other screens / artboards on a mobile device (Android / iOS). Every other function like transistion effects and so on would be a plus. I have some programming skills but wouldn't call myself a mobile developer, so if there is an easy way that involves generating some code, that would be an option too. Would be happy to hear several opinions about this, thanks in advance!
  5. OK, I googled about an hour without finding an answer and now, 5 minutes after my post I did :blink: This comment helped me a lot: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10915-copy-or-cut-and-paste-part-of-an-image/?p=46769 "An Image layer is considered an object layer (like a path, a shape or text). It's an entity/object by itself. A pixel layer is a just a generic container where you can perform pixel based editing tasks. So in order to edit an Image (object) - to paint over it for example -, you must first convert it to a Pixel layer, rasterising the Image (object)."
  6. Coming from Photoshop Elements I have a problem understanding the basic workflow of selection + copy + paste. Workflow: Make a selection, eg. Rectangle Tool (M) Copy Paste I would assume that now I have a new layer with the area of the last active layer I selected with the rectangle tool. Instead, I get a copy of the whole last active layer. Copy flattened + Paste creates a copy of the actual selection, but for all layers and not the last active one. "What's my problem?" B)

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