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  1. redvex

    Refine selection ios11

    Sure no problem, i know well TestFlight, I use it for my apps too... infact I’ve only asked if my email has arrived ^_^
  2. redvex

    Refine selection ios11

    Sorry Meb. I've sent my mail to apply for beta testing on friday, but I've not received any notice. I know that it's a manual process... but... has my mail arrived?
  3. redvex

    Refine selection ios11

    Email just sent! Thanks!
  4. redvex

    Refine selection ios11

    And this is the result :( any idea?
  5. redvex

    Refine selection ios11

    Oh... I've forgotten to add that I'm trying to refine selection with apple pencil, I've not tried to do the same thing with my finger.
  6. My new iPad pro arrived yesterday and I downloaded Affinity Photo immediately. I'm an Affinity Photo user on my mac and the first thing I've tried was refine selection with some awkward results! So I've tried the interactive tutorial and I get exactly the same result as before (awkward again). Shortly... the brush leave around my image artefacts and inside my image (where no brush has passed there are some unwanted trasparency). I've followed exactly the interactive tutorial, same brush size and all... and it's really annoying. I'm sure that is due to ios11 beta, but I'm developing upgrades for my apps to take advantages of drag&drop in ios11, so I can't roll back to ios10.

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