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  1. Hi, You are right. I have found the shortcuts in the menus, but i get some differences while using some shortcuts. For example to get the 200% view, i have to shift the ´2' key. I think that with some practice, it can function. Thank you very much. Have a Merry Christmas. Christian.
  2. Thanks. I will wait for a shortcuts keyb file for my French keyboard. Christian.
  3. I attach a photo of : - my keyboard - The shortcuts Preferences in Affinity Photo
  4. Thank you, i do not need a display of the Affinity Photo shortcuts because I have a display of shortcuts in my Affinity Photo Workbook. I only need that in the application, the shortcuts are programmed as in the Workbook. I have to precise that i have a French AZERTY keyboard. Perhaps is the AZERTY keyboard a problem ? christian.
  5. Hi, I have just purchased and installed Affinity Photo on my iMac (I have also the iPad version), and in Preferences/Shortcuts there are only a few shortcuts. I do not find the shortcuts described in the Affinity Photo Workbook. Is it possible to download the shortcuts as described in the Workbook. Thanks. Christian.
  6. Hi, When i run tutorials from Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro, i get a black screen. Is it possible to run the tutorials from Safari ? ______________________________________________________________________________________ I have found on the forum a document with links to Vimeo and You Tube displays of the tutorials. I havé tried links and it is OK.
  7. I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC on my PC, and i have understood that Affinity Photo is not a DAM sofware. I will use Affinity Photo on iPad for travel, and it would be fine, when coming at home, to integrate my edited photos to my Lightroom library as PSD's files. Perhaps will it be possible with the application Files in ios 11, to easily import in my PC filesystem the PSD files exported in Affinity iPad. See with iOS 11.
  8. HI, When i do a focus stacking on my iPad Pro, the resulting image has a resolution of only 1936x1288. Why ?
  9. Thanks, But it would be more convenient if, like with many ios applications, it was possible to share files with PC using iTunes. For instance with Steinberg Cubasis it is possible to use iTunes to share projects and files with PC/Cubase.
  10. How to transfer projects and exported files from iPad to PC ? For instance big PSD exported files (too big for network transfer).
  11. Configuration : iPad Pro 10.5 Affinity 1.6.3 I can import and process raw files from Panasonic LX100 but : In Exif information, dimension is false (1920x1440). In menu Document/Resize dimension is OK.
  12. With raw files from Canon 40D and Apple 6S, image dimension in Exif is OK. With raw file from Panasonic LX100, image dimension is always 1920 x 1440. But in Documents/Resize dimension is OK.
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