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  1. Inhad same issue yesterday ,i copy and pasted 8 small parts of a photo each time i had to zoom in so that i could move them which is annoying. Setting a button to on/off enable nodes editing when its off you can easy move small parts. Thanks
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    Hello everyone ,my name is Wael Kassab ,i am from lebanon(middle east). My photography passion requires a reliable photo editing program to develop my raw images. I bought ipad pro 12.9" 2nd gen with apple pencil and all i needed an app that would help me with my photo editing ,affinity photo for ipad seemed just what I needed and after viewing all the tutorials i was motivated to getting the app which i did. I am more than satisfied with AF for ipad, my editing is consuming much less time than my desktop PS and using the pencil makes it more fun and much accurate. Well done developers for this great app ,i will be looking forward for more filers and some modifications that i would like to be added to the app after i suggest them in the proper thread.