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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I value your opinion on tech and agree with you on all you've said except for riding on the bus with a mini-tower. What were you thinking that's some crazy dedication right there. lol Nice one!
  2. I'm sure ASP was slower in an earlier version but I now consider it to be one of the best painting apps out there. AP has definitely improved its brush engine in the last update but as you can see from my vid above that is just one area that needs fixing. Go try ASP 2.0 and you'll see the difference for yourself. Oh and one other good thing about ASP, they've allowed other stylus pens to be used.
  3. Lol yeah you might be right. I’m probably still a little connected with AP after all this time, I’m still curious to know when the updates come if things have improved so I may hang onto it. Plus it’s a bit stingy of me to try get my $30 back. However, at the risk of looking like one of those guys who is trying to turn uses away from AP, yes it’s just like PS. The layout and menus at the top are the same. You can import PS brushes in and the app never crashes. They’re constantly releasing updates with new features. And they welcome feedback and suggestions. I hate to say it here, but I’m blown away by it. So I feel this will be my last post as they will probably ditch my account off this forum lol Good bye everyone
  4. No I wouldn’t bother with the Surface Pro. The other option I had was the Wacom Studio Pro which was 3.5K at the time but decided not pay that, instead i went with the iPad. I regretted my decision everyday until I discovered Artstudio. There are many great painting apps out there, I like the photoshop workflow which is what I’m used but I only need it for scratching up ideas and having the option later to take it further if need be. AP is not a concept artist/matte painters (no print work) tool but I’ve hung in there like you and waited for improvements so I could rely on it. On the desktop version it’s better, stable an I love the workflow of the interface but still the brush engine needs a lot of love. Im sure it’ll get there in time, I’m just over it waiting for that to happen.
  5. Ok so let me get this right, your whining about me being a whiner? Lol Yeah that’s right I’ve owned it for a year and tried to use it, with little success. I made the decision to buy an iPad based on how well Serif sold me on the idea of AP. Theres money wasted there, plus I work in the film and TV industry blowing time trying to work away from my desk while it crashes it’s a$$ off. With exchange rate it’s $30 here in Australia. And why shouldn’t expect it to work like Photoshop? Artstudio does and it’s $10 cheaper. They’re constantly making changes and updates with in weeks not months and months like here. Youre obviously a tinkerer otherwise you’d know what the hell I’m talking about. So pull your head in and stop playing the protective big sister.
  6. Hi Chris, Thanks for your help. I’ve decided AP just isn’t for me. With every update over the past year and a bit I’ve hoped that this issue would be solved and many other things would be improved, sadly they weren’t. Unfortunately it has cost me time and money to have hung around this long, so I’ve now moved onto greener pastures “Artstudio Pro” Hopefully I can request a refund. All the best
  7. Ok great. I reimported my project file and it seemed to behave the in the same way. So hopefully it’ll start crashing for you guys to help diagnose of the problem. i read through the fixes in the beta testing section and noticed a CLEAR HISTORY button was added to help with crashes. When I imported my file I used this option and it fixed the file by stopping the crashing. This seems to be the developers work around and they’re aware of the issue. I guess now they just need to work on this and the app should more stable? can you please keep me up to date with their progress and what they find in my file and crash logs?
  8. Hi Chris, Earlier on in this post, I had mentioned about AP crashing on save. I thought this issue was solved/nailed/eradicated in the new AP update/upgrading to the IOS 12. Unfortunately, this problem is still here. I've attached a link to a video and a zip file with a project file and cash logs. In the vid I've made 2 different operations to demonstrate that AP is unstable and crashes on save. Unfortunately, the project file won't behave the same for you. I found an easy workaround to fix the problem. If I export the file to another location Ipad, network, cloud and then reimport it, the crashes stop. Not permanently. Why not just do this every time I hear you say? 2 reasons. From the previous save to the next save (manual or Autosave) you lose your work. And this problem has been here from the beginning and basically, shouldn't be. Hopefully, you can pass this onto someone who can help and keep me update in the process. Project file and crash logs https://www.dropbox.com/s/2j9arn80bplf3h5/Cash reports 250918.zip?dl=0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amydl0ZClsY Cheers Andy
  9. Thanks for the reply mate, I totally get that its not a tool you'd use in your process. Especially with my example, it's to the extreme. I don't push it as far as this when using it. However, in the vid you can see how the liquify is making a hole with every stroke rather than push the image to where it needs to go. And by making slight adjustments the tool doesn't act as it should. I only use it for small corrections in the rough sketching stage but still find it difficult to use. It's definitely a nice and quick fixing tool for those problem areas like masking and repositioning pieces of your sketch. Hopefully, it gets fixed before you start using it...if you ever decide to. Cheers for the feedback
  10. Ok that’s great, hopefully these issues can be sorted out for the update. I appreciate your help on this.
  11. Hey Chris, I've posted this in the Feature Request section but I feel this is closer to a bug related topic. As for any bug, they can hinder a workflow, this does just that. Ive read other posts in the past related to this problem and it needs to be addressed. I feel feature requests are overlooked so I wanted to draw your attention to this issue and hope you'll see it as an important fix and pass it on.
  12. @SrPx Have you found this to be a problem when using The liquify tool?
  13. Hi, I attached a link to a YouTube link that demonstrates how the liquify push tool starts to tear the image and distort in the wrong place. In the video I’ve shown how using the AP push tool in one area doesn’t have the desired effect. Then how Procreates liquify push tool response as it should by smoothly pushing the pixels not swirling them after a number of strokes. I made the spacing in the mesh smaller to allow it to be more accurate. I’ve tried this with the larger spacing as well and it made no difference. Leaving the liquify push tool as it is only adds limitations to a workflow. Please consider fixing this.
  14. Nice! thanks for the feedback. I deal with PS and the RAM thing pretty much the same as you. I've found AP on windows is stable to work with but I've found a few things that can crash it on an older machine. However, the Ipad version has been an absolute pig regarding crashes. I had 2 crashes on the new update and none since I've installed the IOS12 just yesterday. We'll see, I'm still not convinced its fixed. If it is I'll be publicly writing songs of praise to them.
  15. Interesting linksI It seems most users are aware this needs a good fixn, lets hope we get the brush tool and eye dropper were wanting on the next update? Im a little jealous you don't get any crashes on the ipad. What are you doing differently from the rest of us crash test dummies? What's your undo level set to? That was something that played a part in this.
  16. Yes Im the same, anything with the brush tool is the first thing I look for in a new update. That and if it's going to start the crashing thing again. We nearly made it on this update, brush tool lag fixed but kept the bug. Boooo I get what you're saying this is our livelihood, so it's very important to us with the improvements on AP.
  17. Chris if you can do that and have everything fixed that’s been mentioned here, you will be my all time hero. no joke!
  18. Yes, for operations such as photo retouching and colouring in, AP is great. Since the fix of the brush tool lag I've jumped back in and give it another chance. I can get by with the brushes even though it could be better by adding a little more natural feel to your strokes ( as I've requested) Unfortunately after last night while painting, it crashed again on autosave and I had lost everything I did from when it last saved. This really puts me off AP. I can paint all day in Procreate without a single crash. There have been many posts about this crashing issues from other users, including myself and I've sent them crash logs, each time I receive crickets as a response. I think I'll wait for this soon to be released big update of Procreate, it may have new features in it where I don't feel the need to paint in AP. Are you able to go a full day painting in AP without a crash?
  19. You know something Pauscorpi, I have just started getting it with this new update. I put it down to a dodgy brush or a ram issue with my iPad. If you’re getting it as well it might be a bug? I also notice they left the special little crash on save feature in there as well. That’s always a good one for redoing everything you just spent time getting right only to find it crashes yet again.
  20. I totally agree with you on a couple of small things that need refining to be able to replace PS with AP. For my role as a concept artist/digital matte painter PS handles it all so it's not productive to jump across apps. AP can handle most of the photo based work as I used it on a few shots in Hacksaw Ridge and a Netflix series. It was the painting side of things that let me down when sketching elements in the DMP's. Im bouncing around to so many apps each day from 2d to 3d and back again so keeping it simple is the key. This goes for the Ipad as well I like to sketch up some initial ideas on it. I'd rather use just stick with AP than jump back and forth from Procreate.
  21. For the average user, the brush tool does the job for photo manipulation. AP is still bringing the bucks which mean they have to prioritize where their efforts go into improving things. I'm sure making the brush tool great instead of leaving it as a tool you can just get by with is low on the list. Its a shame becoz it won't be an app concept arts/painters can go to. I still prefer to paint in Procreate and Photoshop as both of them are geared for the professional artist, not so much for the hobbyists. To start with, the control of the tail end of a stroke is just one area I'd like to see improved. There's a lot wrong with the brush behaviour and control settings that could use refining. It's not all bad there are some really nice things there too. But I won't use AP in a professional environment again until I can feel comfortable with its performance. Neither will any of my mates in the film industry. Id really love to see it step to that level. And I hope they can spend the time and nail their current products before bringing out something new.
  22. Hi, Firstly I want to congratulate the team at Serif for their latest update of AP. The new interface looks great and the placement of some options makes it easier and faster to get things done. The brush engine was something I’ve been focused on for improvements. I have to say it’s improved, faster and well organised with zero lag and great dynamic control. Thumbs up guys! However you may feel this is a feature request rather than a bug. I feel this is more of an improvement as the new AD iPad brushes from my understanding have this update. From my link below to a clip on YouTube I demonstrate how AP’s paint brush stroke lacks the natural free of a real brush/pencil. From what I’ve seen AD has the option to control the tail end of a stroke by fading the opacity with the dynamics on release. This is something needed in AP to help with the natural feel of painting. In the video I show AP’s brush stroke compared to Procreate’s brush stroke. Procreate has the options to control the length and fade of the tail end of a stroke. The initial attack in Procreate on a stroke is pronounced with a hard edge and tappers off naturally. In AP if I try to adjust the tail of a stroke it feathers both head and tail making brush strokes seem soft and sloppy. I’ve notice with most brushes in AP they tapper in to the stroke rather than out of it. Please consider this to be an important issue in the painting component which is used regularly. Link to the video
  23. Could this also be an issue with the single press to active the picker tool? Maybe this option can be dropped to save confusion and we go back to just using the finger touch to activate the picker tool. I know I've spent the time mixing the correct colour only to start painting and the brush lags, then the picker tool steps in and I lose my colour. This tends to happen a lot which makes any fine detail impossible to do.
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