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    BluestarCK got a reaction from Mark Ingram in [Cannot Reproduce] Affinity Photo crashes when using Nvidia card   
    Thanks for that, I tried reinstalling the same Dell version of the driver and that did not work. I then went to the Nvidia website and downloaded the International version of the driver and that seemed to work, very strange. Anyway thanks for the tip.
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    BluestarCK got a reaction from Steps in Please Lightroom Replacement!   
    Not sure what your talking about. I'm asking that Affinity come up with a replacement for Lightroom.
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    BluestarCK reacted to axoloth in [Poll] Do you need a DAM? And what should it be like?   
    The DAM I need should look like LightRoom.
    The ranking of RAW files must be at the same level as the proprietary files. the DAM must be able to handle RAW and Affinity files the same way.
    The files must be able to be sorted quickly (stars or colors), to be classified in physical folders whose tree meets a set of criteria.
    Virtual classifications must also be possible (LR dynamic collections) by keywords, dates, badges ...
    I imagine this tool as a new persona able to manage the import of RAW files automatically in libraries (for example when inserting an SD card, like LightRoom).
    We must be able to simply move photos without breaking their referencing / ranking in libraries.
    In short, LightRoom is a reference in the field, if first version takes the big ideas of the DAM LightRoom, it would be great!

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