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  1. Motion seconded. There's a space for vector tools between sketching and full-on CAD, e.g. interior design and layout work, where first-class tools to see and specify dimensions are super, super useful.
  2. I'll disagree. This is not difficult, it's math. Yes, the feature would require allocation of development resources, but tangent snapping comes down to mathematics and/or algorithms that are pretty well-defined, with precedents in both graphic design software and in other areas of computer graphics. Whether it's about Adobe or Affinity supporting or not supporting this feature, it all comes down to resource prioritization. This particular piece of work isn't rocket science, but does take up limited bandwidth for UX design, implementation, testing, etc. For my part, I've also had nee
  3. I also need DXF/DWG support. Like some other posters, part of the Illustrator workflow I'm trying to replace is prep of flat parts for laser cutting, coming from a CAD suite (Alibre Design, in my case). There are no other vector export formats available that would bridge the gap. To elaborate a bit, my current workflow looks like this: Alibre Design (3D parametric CAD model) --> Alibre Design (2D drawing of flat part) --> Export to DWG (DXF is also available) --> Illustrator (import of DWG, preliminary path prep and layout) --> Illustrator (prep of final c
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