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  1. When the iPad is backed up to desktop computer, not to iCloud, are the files saved in Affinity Photo restored to the iPad if the iPad is rebuilt/restored from that backup or are those files lost? The files I'm asking about are not stored to iCloud or to Files or anywhere outside of the app.
  2. I am up-to-date with Mac OS and with AF. I am trying to print a PNG or .aphoto image and am unable to get the image to print full size on MOAB Entrada Bright white 17 x 22" paper on Epson 3800. It prints 1/4 of the image, from the center of the image, in the corner of the whole paper. I have gotten it to print full size a few times but can't seem to find any consistency in the settings that determines this. Looking forward to a solution to this problem as printing is a key component of cutting ties to Adobe and moving to AF. Thanks
  3. Yes, I understand flattened file formats so exporting as PSD. I've found that if layers are not visible in Photo, they don't show up at all in Photoshop. But I had a case where layers were made visible in Photo and did not appear at all in PS. When I reduced the number of layers by deleting some in Photo, then all others showed up, hence my question.
  4. Is there a limit to the number of layers going from Photo on iPad to Photoshop on desktop? Going through iCloud, directly exporting from Photo on iPad. Even when the layers are visible in Photo, they don't show up in PS. Wondering if too many layers created this problem.
  5. When using the layer blend mode pop out and wanting to scroll through the modes, it is visually glitchy and doesn’t show the results of the blend mode choice (like it used to) until a choice is made and you exit the pop out. You used to be able scroll through the modes and see the results as you scroll. iPad Pro iOS 11.2.2 Affinity Photo 1.6.5 thanks
  6. Now I've found that some masks will come over to PS. What does it mean when a mask thumbnail shows on the collapsed layer in AP? This mask came over to Photoshop. Another transfer snafu is that 3 level layers, that is a child of a child of a parent layer, does not transfer at all in PS. Thanks, -Anne
  7. Talking about Layer Masks that are children of a specific layer. These come into PS as an empty layer.
  8. Saving an image from AF on iPad through iCloud (as a PSD) and then opening it in Photoshop on an iMac, the mask has no content. Is there a way to carry masks from AF to PS? Is this a bug that could be fixed?
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