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  1. Pro rent-per-month systems would be Avid or Premiere from Adobe, or an alternative is Final Cut if you have a mac. Fourth professional choice is Lightworks, which you can also buy and own. Would love for Affinity to make a new high-end alternative, but they are to busy as of now, and that's how it is. I like what they've made so far, and can't wait for Publisher (:
  2. Vargstran


    Cool. To me it looks like it's sinking underwater at the same time as it's grounded. ​I'm confused in a good way. Keep up the good work.
  3. Vargstran

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    Hello, my name is Varg and I'm 33 years from the capitol Oslo of Norway. An almost total beginner with graphic design, but my aim is to master both Photo and Designer, and the upcoming Publisher. Will use them for design needs for personal creative projects, (Like design material for film projects) and aim for other professional goals in the future. I've touched upon Photoshop far back, and recently making a quick draft of a movie poster, but I'm not so familiarized with it that it's any problem switching to Affinity. ​I'm psyched.
  4. Quickly! I need a time machine, some slippers and a regular coke! I think you guys just have to wait until the program's done, and meanwhile use another alternative (The program that won't be named)

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