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  1. But still I would like to have an option to open pdf rasterized/vector/original... I have to work with pdf files and often I don´t need editability, but accuracy. I think it´s against the phylosophy of affinity, that I have to use another program to take pdf, export pdf and then use affinity to edit.
  2. After relocation of project to another folder/another PC, I had to replace all source files one by one. It would be nice if the path could be relative/absolute and after find one source in new location, the rest will be updated automatically.
  3. Anything new about this issue? When I try to import pdf to AD 1.7 on windows it destroy the layout of text.
  4. Animations are totally different area and if I can choose, better will be solo software like aftereffects compatible with aphoto or adesign file format. But... Publisher release time was pushed for years, and Photo with Designer is missing so much important features (selection depend on parameters etc.) It will be nice, if Serif will develope animation and filmic software, but I don't know, if it is actual topic..
  5. The biggest problem isn't, when you create vectors, but when you need read vector pdf. You have really great pdf read features, but when it come to patterns, its useless. I work as architect and I often edit vector based sheets (plans, views...), and when I edit these pdf's, Designer doesn't convert pattern, worst is that it destroys them!! I had pattern of concrete and voila - i have dirt... Maybe you think, its not important, but for us - architects, designers, CAD users - its really huge problem... The same as missing selection by parameter (up to fill, color...)
  6. I am Waiting for any response of developers. So many topics here reports it and no answers. Only reset settings. (Doesn't help). The work is painfully slow - when I work on any job, there is no time to wait 5 sec. because of simple change of font or edit text frame. Sometimes I have to edit hundreds of text frames. Performance of default brushes are extremely slow also in new documents and its similar with photo and designer. Preview of brush in large project cause few seconds lags. I don t use custom brushes. All default settings. If affinity want to concurate to adobe photoshop or illustrato
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