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  1. Thank you i got it. I didnt think that it could b that easy but i wish i could do this with vector objects anyway thank you :D
  2. Can anyone help me how to randomize a bunch of object's position and scale for instance i wanna do a starred background with various position rotation and scale. In AI there is transform each command and you can randomize transform applied on objects. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your quick reply. Do you have any plan to create a pattern tool? Because it is really tedious to duplicate and create a pattern manually. I have another question i don't know if it is ok me to ask it here. So how can i move an object with a given distance, is there a option box like illustrator?
  4. Hello everyone, I am a new user of affinity designer, i have 2 questions about patterns: 1. Is there a way to create a pattern as a fill color other than to create a separated file or a symbol and repeat it manually? 2. How to open/import ai files which include a path filled with a pattern. (When i open a ai file includes pattern fill, it seems it converts pattern to bitmap and pixelated which i dont want and i can't manipulate the pattern.) Thank you all.
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