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  1. Urmelchen

    Import of styles from Designer Mac

    Nevermind. It's working now... Maybe it was the file itself
  2. Urmelchen

    Import of styles from Designer Mac

    I saved a .afstyles file to iCloud. If I load this file with import on the iPad nothing happens
  3. Urmelchen

    [By Design] Styles

    Thanks well hidden
  4. Studio: Styles complete missing
  5. Urmelchen

    Designer Bitmap Fill

    Option: Extend: Wrap etc. missing
  6. Urmelchen

    Depth Maps Support

    The newest photoshop cc 2018 supports the alpha map now from heic files.
  7. Please add the ability to import pictures made with portrait mode so we can modify the alpha depth map.
  8. Serif Labs Raw Engine for iPad please!