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  1. Thanks @firstdefence - a quick google showed me this was Shift + arrow key on a Mac. Thanks so much, it was driving me crazy!
  2. I"m using Affinity Designer Desktop on Mac and I was going to use it for Mobile UI Design instead of other more specialised software like Figma. But I am having a big problem just trying to do pixel spacing without decimal places. So I want to use the standard vertical padding system of 32px/48px/64px etc. throughout my design but instead when I use my arrow keys or the Y axis field, I still get decimal places added on. Why? For the record, I have Force Pixel Alignment on, Move by Whole pixels off and I have Snapping off but in does not seem to matter what I choose at all, I can't for the life of me get a 32px gap in the screenshot from the top shape. For the record, the font size is 16px and the line height is 16px. It does this with all items on the page, I just can't get a whole number padding for anything. (Note I have also tried snapping to a 16px grid and to a 64px grid and that doesn't do whole pixels either).
  3. I found the answer to number 2 which is to press on the right side of the brush to edit it. I can duplicate it, move it to my own category, then edit it. :-) Now just need to find out number 1 but at least I can use my own category from now on instead of writing out which ones I'm using!
  4. 1. I think I'm missing a basic thing - I want to select a layer, in this case it's a thin line and see what tool I used to create it as well as the settings for that tool. Eg. whether I used a brush or a pen and if a brush, I want that brush to be highlighted to tell me which one - otherwise how do I use the same brush again when going back to the drawing? Very confused about this as I don't understand how professional artists could use AD on ipad if this doesn't exist. .. at the moment I have to scrawl at the top of the drawing all the tools and their settings that I have used for that picture. 2. Also how are artists easily able to swap between tools on the iPad? Can i save tool settings? For example, at the moment it's very slow for me every time I want to change from Brush/Pencil type/0.3 (sketch) to Brush/Retro Inkwash WC5/1pt/50% opacity. (shading) I just want to be able to have 2 or 3 icons that represent my favourite tools and click once on them to use.
  5. Got it. Click Show Grid - I couldn't see the effect as both my object and the grid were black!
  6. I watched this video - how is she getting the transparency on top level objects? She seems to add an object as a solid colour on top of another solid colour but then does something that makes the top object show the grid underneath it. How are is she doing that? She never seems to touch the opacity slider for example, she seems to do something quickly that makes a top object show the grid underneath.
  7. Using ‘Uncheck spelling while typing’ does not save this setting when the document is closed, which means AD is basically giving me the bird every time I open up my document by showing me the squiggly red lines yet again that I don’t want to see. In my opinion this should never have passed Quality Assurance by the fact that it’s a bad UX experience for the user. Really really really really annoying.
  8. The main reason to use Pantone colours is because fabric printers use Pantone palettes. I create embroidery designs and all fabric printers require pantone colours so that there is a standard selection across the fabric manufacturing industry.
  9. Ah ok @h_dand @GarryP, I am on Mac 10.15.3 and designer 1.8.1. Yes, it does work if I use enter key which at least means I know how to get around it. I'll upgrade to 1.8.3 but as you say you have this problem in that version as well. If no input from moderators, I will log a bug with AD.
  10. thanks for the advice. i've never changed any of these settings. I did recently open a .psd file in AF so maybe it had an effect on something.
  11. Hi, simple issue - trying to add any hex colour to the hex input box and it outlines the input box in red border and colours the background red indicating an error. Any colours at all eg: #ffffff #48c7dd etc. and refuses to save the new colour. Is this a recent bug? Happens with any file I try to edit. I've been using ipad pro recently so this is the first time I've opened affinity designer desktop in a while.
  12. Hi, Newbie question: I am new to digital illustration. What happens if I create a vector in Affinity Designer but then colour it in with Raster brushes or sketch/colour it in Raster and add vector elements? If only the vector parts can enlarge to any size, does this mean all raster brushes will display blurry when enlarged? For example, my friend wants a bottle label illustration - but she might use the label in the future for something bigger like a marquee banner for her market stall - how do I ensure that an illustration using raster brushes always displays pixel perfect? Do I just have to accept that some designs will not be able to be reused for bigger size projects?
  13. Hi Paul, for more complicated shapes I prefer using the percent method, but am mostly just adding pre-created assets now anyway.
  14. No worries. Enjoying the interface so far, just bought the iPad Pro yesterday. For anyone wanting the isometric 86.602%, your math will be 0.86602 x object height.
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