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  1. When I chose the curves adjustment. There is nothing in the panel. Is this normal?
  2. Duel, for me to change the color i just need to go to the Layers and double tap the recolour adjustment layer. Once you double tap, you can change the color hue at the bottom of the screen.
  3. sanoy

    New Adjustment Layer?

    Hi MEB, how come this doesn't work on me? I have a recoulor adjustment layer. Then I want to darken the color so I added a brightness/contrast adjustment. And I set the darkness I want, but since I just want to darken the recoulor adjustment layer only I tap and hold the brightness / contrast adjustment layer then drag it to the icon of recoulor adjustment layer. After that, it merger with the recoulor adjustment layer but the brightness /contrast adjustment layer did not work, it's like it's never there
  4. @meb, is this possible to do in iPad version?
  5. This tutorial might help... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nCfYrQNjBBw
  6. sanoy

    OMG, no undo gesture?????

    Tap the screen with 2 fingers then choose deselect
  7. Is this photoshop tutorial possible to do in affinity photo for ipad? https://www.howtogeek.com/289928/how-to-color-correct-old-faded-photos/
  8. Hi Jhoy, that's I've been doing too. doing it manually is fun, when it's a hobby. otherwise whew! anyway, thanks for your reply. I just hope in future enhancement of Affinity photo for iPad will include better way to Re-color a photo. Affinity photo for iPad is the best thing that ever happened to my iPad Pro.. :D
  9. Hi jhoy, this is only good if the color that you want to recolor are solid. but what if for example the shirt is checkered or strips design or multi color graffiti background. you have to do it painstakingly in Recolour adjustment. i'm hoping if there is an easier way.
  10. Hi, i have a very old photo of my mom which is very faded. I have restored the skin and cloths color using the "Recolor" adjustment. But it seems "Recolor" adjustment can't restore the black color of my mom's hair. Please help me which adjustment to use and how to use it. I would appreciate much if you can send me a tutorial video link.
  11. sanoy

    copy and paste

    So that's how you can copy and paste from a placed image layer... @MEB, can you just explain what is the reason behind why you need to Rasterise?
  12. Callum, it's in the list "Sony Alpha ILCE-7R II"
  13. Thanks Callum. So how do I use the curves adjustments?
  14. Toltec, yes the levels helped. Thank you.
  15. Hi, every time I apply Tone Mapping the app crash
  16. That's where I made my mistake. :) Thank you very much.
  17. I use Recolor function to add color to black and white photo in the Desktop version as shown in the video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDW_vn_kizY can someone show me how to do it in iPad version?
  18. Thank you jhoy for your reply. I already did what you said. My problem is once I make a new selection and apply recolour, the recolour applies to the 1st selection I did although the first selection is already gone since I did a new selection. can you please try and if it works for you? Please let me know where did I made my mistake.