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  1. My Epson Perfection V39 is giving me the same 'Fail to open a connection to the device' Error in Photo 1.8.6 on Big Sur.
  2. @KissMS yes, Procreate is definitely not a picture editor. I use Clip Studio Paint for whenever i need image editing, which is mostly for colouring comics nowadays. it takes a bit of getting used to because all the tools are named differently but it actually has a super comprehensive selection tools section and much more convenient/efficient UI than the Affinity "Selection Persona" I was an all-in-one-Photoshop-for-all-my-visual-needs person but this changed with the iPad; i now work exclusively on it and the combination of the aforementioned apps works great, to my surprise (again, once i got used to it).
  3. This has been there from the beginning, has been raised with developers multiple time and has been dismissed as 'by design', like DM1 says. Why anyone would think that two render passes in an app that focuses so heavily on painting strokes, be it for drawing or masking, is a good idea to boost performance is beyond me. I have long stopped using Photo for drawing and painting, it's not possible to seriously work this way. Occasionally, I do some file print prep but even that I can now do elsewhere. For digital painting, I recommend Procreate (fantastic painting experience) and Clip Studio Paint (sophisticated image editing), both solid, reliable apps with superb painting capabilities.
  4. Sorry - I accidentally lied I don't store many copies actually - I just use the same file name and chose 'Replace File' more often than saving multiple versions.
  5. Hi, @Chris B - is this by design?! @cas_2021 - I have also found 'Auto-Recovery' very unreliable for long working sessions, so I no longer assume it will just work. What I do is 'Save a Copy' every so often (I try to go for every 10min but often it's every 20-30min). Then I just delete old copies from my iPad - more work, more resources used, but time and again that saved copy has stored more work than 'Auto Recovery'/Auto Save on crash. Hope this helps.
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