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  1. Pauscorpi

    AP still not working...

    Sorry - I accidentally lied I don't store many copies actually - I just use the same file name and chose 'Replace File' more often than saving multiple versions.
  2. Pauscorpi

    AP still not working...

    Hi, @Chris B - is this by design?! @cas_2021 - I have also found 'Auto-Recovery' very unreliable for long working sessions, so I no longer assume it will just work. What I do is 'Save a Copy' every so often (I try to go for every 10min but often it's every 20-30min). Then I just delete old copies from my iPad - more work, more resources used, but time and again that saved copy has stored more work than 'Auto Recovery'/Auto Save on crash. Hope this helps.
  3. @SrPx Many thanks for this reply! very disheartening if this is the case I had no idea about the desktop, though I have it. I have migrated my entire workflow to the iPad: my MBP and Wacom currently collect dust and my desktop serves as a back-up , printing station and extra screen. I do have other major issues on the iPad, too, and I have tried to hang in there and jot these down to 'teething problems'. But, like you say, almost all of my issues have been brush/painting related, they have persisted and it might be time to stop recommending AP to my fellow painters. This particular issue just keeps my brain in a constant state of mental gymnastics. With, albeit less-than ideal, options such as the new Procreate, subscription -based CSP and upcoming iPad PS, there is really no excuse for any professional to have to suffer through their software. That said, I do hope Serif do all the necessary fixes. I would still very much rather not have to revert to alternatives
  4. Pauscorpi

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    Maybe related: Regarding having to zoom in a lot and not being to create close nodes - I experience same delays and similar precision issues in Photo (latest update) especially when I use the lasso tool for selections and try to add a new point or to make a small and precise curve/turn. It is impossible - the pencil needs to be dragged past a certain distance to register the change of direction or a new point close to a previous one. Leading to issues with precision making line drawing selections. Scrolling down the following thread, I saw an interesting point about the active area around a corner/point being way too large since the app was mainly designed for (large?) finger input If this is the case, it is still quite a miss for an app aimed at design/creative professionals working with precision tools.
  5. HI, guys, I'd like to enquire about an issue that is still unresolved but I haven't seen much discussion about it. Basically, I use affinity mostly for line-drawings or colouring said drawings. Every time I make a stroke or even just touch the screen with the pencil, the app makes an instantaneous 'blurred' pass of the image. it is momentary but it happens all the time and I hope it is evident in the video. The issue has persisted across iPad Pro 12.9 1 & 2 and all updates of AP since I started using it. The reason why this make for an unpleasant (and often slowing-down) experience particularly for line drawing (where you do a lot of strokes rapidly) and colouring is that, essentially, you don't see a real-time stroke, which implies some guess works, which in turn affects precision, leading , overall, to a slowing of the workflow. It just adds up. Has this been flagged at all? Regards, Pau IMG_9700.MOV
  6. Lasso selections also ignore 'Touch for gestures only' leading to selections closing early, new selections starting randomly, having to redo them, etc., etc., Universally, this intentional change has caused me nothing but significant delays.
  7. Pauscorpi

    Apple Pencil delay since last update

    same - use it to colour comic pages and Apple pencil is not only slower but less precise (or possibly the 'idle radius' for detecting points of action, like lasso selections has increased). that and the now useless 'touch for gestures only' have made it a concerning struggle to get work done recently. I don't recall if this happened after iOS 12 update or the minor 'hotfix' update but I am on the latest Photo version. (12.9 iPad Pro, 2017)
  8. @Andych56 - I haven't yet attempted a full day's painting since the update but I will let you know how it went when I do. You're right; while i am , of course aware they are different pieces of software, I have yet to have a crash in Procreate and I marathon sessions in it. @Chris B Thanks for this!
  9. Haven't gotten to the crash issue just yet! But also, I have a bit of spare time before my next Affinity job. Unfortunately, I have surrendered to using Photo for comics colouring (which is more akin to photo retouching overall, even if there is some painting in it) and design and print/file prep. All painting and drawing is done in Procreate. I am afraid it is definitely a bug because I have been getting it consistently since the beginning ( and i am on my second iPad Pro having upgraded from the first gen iPad Pro). But I might have spotted it earlier because I tend to do a lot of line drawing, so the thin precision strokes and the starker contrast between the light canvas and the dark lines might have made it easier to spot. This has always been one of the two dealbreakers keeping me from painting/drawing in Affinity, the other being the now delightfully resolved stroke lag/responsiveness. P.S.: it is an annoying issue for colouring, too, but it's more bearable for this process.
  10. Same issue, yes. It's carried over form earlier versions of the app.
  11. @Andych56 whey using the brush, do you also get this weird rendering (i suppose) issue where at the start of a stroke, it initially 'pixellates' for a brief moment before rendering the smooth stroke? this has been happening to me across all versions and is one of the deal-breakers to not using Photo for painting/drawing.
  12. Pauscorpi

    Brush Strokes register as Taps

    My App store says the iPad app has just been updated with nunerous fixes, including brush stroke response. Frustratingly, I am on a mobile connection all day today so can’t download. Can’t wait to test it as I am in the same boat as you.
  13. I have that happen to me on Photo, too.
  14. Hi, all, Something troublesome happened today - earlier in the day, I was working on a file (first time firing up AF for the day) and after about 30min of work, I had to leave, so I returned to the AF home screen, quit the app from iPad control centre and left. when I reopened the app, i noticed on the homescreen thumbnail that all the changes had disappeared. Admittedly, I didn’t notice if the thumb had changes when i was returning to the home screen before quitting the app, as i wasn’t expecting a problem. even more worryingly, similar thing happened last week where AF would actually suddenly crash to a locked iPad screen (actually black screen, until a press of the home button) and no changes would have been saved when i reopen it. I did use the app heavily around that time, pulling a couple of all nighters, etc. But I have been using AF overall for a while now and hadn’t had that happen before. I have only been working on one kind of files for over a month - colouring comic pages. At the very most, I could have up to 20 layers,though I merge often. 4961x7016 px, 600DPI, RGB/16. The work that I lost today was prep work and not a complex task - i had duplicated a layer of ‘FLATS’ (non-antiliased colour cuts used as placeholders for easy selection of elements, random colours) and using the paint bucket to lay down the actual intended base colours on the duplicate layer. Nothing that i’d done today was saved when I got back to the app. Needless to say, I am now rather worried as I have a deadline coming up and am on the road. using the latest App Store version on a 2017 iPad pro 12.9 P.S. Another issue, thouh I understand that one might be Apple-related- with heavy use when the ipad heats up, the screen randomly dims with a few leveks of brightness (i have it set on manual)- it is a problem for colour work. Best, Pau
  15. @SrPx no problem! @Chris B Hey, Chris. It's happened on 2 documents so far with similar dimensions and set-up. The one thing I can think of is that while I do not have anywhere near 100 layers, i do have a lot of layers but- more importantly - almost all of them have masks as well as adjustment layers linked to them. I will be working on a third document with same set-up in the next couple days so if it persists, I will happily share all 3 of them with you.

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