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  1. I was thinking of buying Quixel 2.0 (Photoshop plugin)...will it work in Affinity Photo? Would be a nice added feature.
  2. Hello AlanR, I see you are trying to paint on 3D models, have you tried Quixel 2.0? (Photoshop plugin)...it may work in Affinity Photo, i don't know but from what i have seen it may? I was thinking of getting it, but now my serial # doesn't work for Photoshop.
  3. Was wanting to know if there will be any solutions for color separating with custom spot colors (Pantone), and screen angle adjustments? Thanks
  4. Me again, woke up and checked my email for some more bad news, I guess I may have bought a useless program (for now), Steve (Creator of Ultraseps) emailed me again, here is what he said: "Had some spare time today so I downloaded and looked at Affinity Photo for a few hours. A full featured color separation program isn’t happening with this. The software is missing just about every vital function required. I could list dozens of things its missing or features it needs to enhance for color separations to work. Here’s just a few of the biggies: RGB Channel Calculations do not exist (very important) True Spot Channels and channel solidity do not exist. Apply Image is useless due to poor channel support. Basically it’s there to apply one actual “graphic image file” to another. The Color Range function is basically useless. Conditional scripting is not supported. The Macros function is a bare bones hobby level copy of Adobe’s. Appears to be impossible to implement automation type plugins. (Only Filter plugins are supported) I could go on and on and on………………. Granted, it might be possible to perform some type of hack-job-layer-style color separation although it’ll never be a viable solution. It is a great little program for working on photos however, but that’s about it and what it’s made for. Home based hobby photographers might gravitate to this due to the low cost. Pro users will avoid it." So as usual I guess I am screwed in the realm of screen printing for this software, I guess I will have to look elsewhere. ​Ugh!!! (CorelDraw).
  5. I don't want to buy other software...I feel Affinity Designer and Photo can accommodate what I do as a designer. I just need a work around for the software, maybe a standalone color separator?
  6. I don't own CorelDraw...is it subscription based? If so i don't want it...i would rather use rubylith or amberlith to do my color seps.
  7. Windows 10...even if is illegal, there has to be a way to make a similar plugin like Ultraseps, i feel the developer can make something similar without stepping on any toes.
  8. Hello, This is my first post...I just purchased both the Affinity Photo and Designer software, It is truly amazing software, the reason I purchased the software is that Adobe after a year or so, and numerous updates, now tell me my software is not genuine. (could have said something, I don't know...a year ago)? My problem is that I got so upset I uninstalled adobe and decided to shop for new software, this is the best solution I found so far...but I am having trouble making my action scripts work - I have Ultraseps for screen printing...I spoke to the creator of Ultraseps this morning and he said it was impossible to make it work...here's a quote from the email: "On the Affinity stuff, there’s no support for Automation Plugins and there’s no SDK for it, which is a set of development tools to assist with the creation of software for a specific application. Therefore, writing color separation programs using automation plugins and javascripts would be just about impossible. There’s an extensive SDK available for all Adobe products." I am hoping he is wrong, If I have to I will send my Ultraseps plugin to the developer of this software, so they can break it down and hopefully make this plugin work for either Affinity Photo or Designer...this is a must for screen printers. If the 3rd party developers want to stay in the old products with a subscription paywall (Adobe) then let them suffer, I don't care.
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