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  1. It's not the same as HDR merging, which is what I'm referring to
  2. Hi, This might be a stupid question, but I cannot make this work. I merged three photos to HDR. I now want to clone from one are of the HDR image to another area. Cloning, however, only seems to be possible from a source image and no matter which one I select, the cloning is darker than it should be. How do I clone not using a source?
  3. Is it possible to open different exposure photos in Affinity and then merge those photos in HDR Merge, rather than having to open up a directory to find the photos. It's an issue if one selects the photos in Lightroom, and then open them up from there in Affinity. I just watched the clone source video, and this will also help to clone from one of the source files if needed.