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  1. Do the other methods work the same in your version and it is just this one that is different? Should a potential bug like this get reported in the forum or directly with support?
  2. The structure I can get working looks different than yours. You have your symbol expanded with two "equal" layers including the art text and the curve. If I do that, the art text doesn't get added to the symbol, and therefore it doesn't show up in the additional symbol instances on the page. However, if I move it to within the curve layer, it does go into the symbol. That is, where you have to expand your symbol to show your art text and curve layers, I need to expand the symbol as well as the curve which then has only the art text as a layer.
  3. Thank you, that works!!! I don't understand why it has to be part of the curve and not just an element inside the container, but it works so that's what I'll do. The text goes to all the instances on the page and I even verified that I can change the color of it and have all instances change at the same time. This is a HUGE time saver for what I use it for! The orange line is still a dotted orange line, but it is doing what I want.
  4. I am trying to follow the tutorials to do this, but it just isn't working for me. I've got an artboard with 8 instances of a symbol. The symbol is currently only made up of a single layer (curve). When I open the container, I can see its content containing just that single curve. If I have the container layer active and paste some art text, it is added as an independent layer above the container. If I have the curve layer within the container of an existing instance of the symbol active and paste some art text, it is added as a component of that symbol with no orange line If I have the cu
  5. Ugh! Was just logging in to ask for right-to-left support...
  6. I'm having this problem on Windows version I have a rounded rectangle shape which I create into a symbol. I make multiple copies of the symbol on my artboard. Because I want to load the shape up with text, I am creating a rectangle that is slightly smaller than the symbol to allow for whitespace and will ultimately turn this into a text frame. I colored it red to make sure it is easy to see. When I drag it into the symbol container on the layers panel above the original rounded rectangle, it adds it into the one single instance of the symbol and doesn't add the orange margin, which e
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