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  1. I would highly recommend just purchasing this product. I don't think you'll be disappointed, and if the moderator would step in here to let you know if a trial does exist (I bought it outright and don't know if there is one), let illostraight know. Again, if you need a simple to use vector program that doesn't behave like some of the other "free" vector programs, but like a professional program, get Affinity.
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    TJ McCormick. I have used Affinity since 2015, for a variety of web, business card, and meme creations. I have used the Adobe suite since the late 80s, and decided not to get on the subscription treadmill. Affinity does a lot of the things I need, and with the UI download, it will help me create awesome websites for www.bt-video.com and www.seawindfilms.com, my two business endeavors. For the price, I think it's one of the best investments a graphic designer can make, and I look forward to purchasing it for my PC, since I have used the Mac version all along, and I am moving away from MacOS. ;)

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