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  1. This is actually a bit more complicated. Check for example how this case is treated in HTML5 spec and what problems has to be solved. https://www.w3.org/TR/html50/text-level-semantics.html#the-bdi-element
  2. When optimizing paths it's very common to reduce number of nodes not only by deleting them but also by joining/welding them. I cannot find that option in AD.
  3. I would switch to Linux looong ago if there would be any good graphic design software. You say about 2% of market, but bear in mind that a lot of people are trapped in other systems because of lack of good software alternatives. Just count how often you can read "I would switch if only...". So I'm another one not in those 2%.
  4. Hi! When I'm trying to set new textured intensity brush to repeat nothing happens, it still behaves as streched. The option works well with textured image brush. If needed I can share my files.
  5. Ok, now i see that. It would be nice if this action was indicated by outlining whole target's bar or by any kind of interaction. Doh... I swear i tried it. My bad. And thank you.
  6. Hi! First, Affinity is wonderful, I'm amazed how it changed my workflow so far. But there is some minor stuff that I find really unintuitive. First, and most used is drag'n'drop of items in layers panel. I find it pretty hard to use, especially when there is option to drop under certain element or as a child. Because insert line is blue and "ghost" of moved item is also bluish the latter kinda covers insert line making hard to say whether I'm dropping it at the same level or as a child of item above. Disclaimer: I have pretty good eyesight ;). The second thing about layers is that I fi
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