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  1. Why not just allow selecting the line segment between two points by clicking it, and then hitting delete to delete that segment?
  2. oranjoose

    flip with copy

    I second this, or at least the part where you can choose the axis of symmetry, instead of assuming the center of the object. I came on the forums to see how to do this, and by the silence, I suppose I'll assume there isn't a way to do this. I hope this is coming in the near future; I depend on it a lot in AI (the reflect tool that is).
  3. Hello. I have been using Illustrator regularly since CS2 (~10 years), and I recently purchased Affinity Designer. I'm interested in a dictionary of Illustrator features and workflows done in Designer. I'm willing to pay $$$ for it too. For example: Illustrator anchor point: Designer it is called an X Illustrator outline mode: Designer go to X menu and click Y Illustrator direct selection tool: Designer combination of X tool and Y tool. If you need to select and move one Z Illustrator reflect tool: Designer not a tool, but reflection function, etc... Unreal Engine has some pretty good Unity to Unreal transition resources (I won't link to them since this is my first post). Does such a resource exist for Affinity Designer?