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  1. Hi everybody, In Photoshop I often use Mockups to test my designs or simply to play around. I mean professionally made mockups like these: https://www.mockupcloud.com/ Since they are made with smart objects I cannot use them in AP. Are there any plans to support such files in the future or any other way to make use of them? Or maybe there is a similar professional source for mockups that can be used in AP? This is currently the only reason why I might not cancel my Adobe subscription. Cheers Michael
  2. I´m on Capture One Pro since a week and I´m completely happy with it. It´s sooooo much more professional than Lightroom and so incredibly flexible. The best piece of software (besides Affinity Photo ) I´ve purchased in a long time. But anyway I still like to see a Serif solution as well.
  3. Thanks for the reply but to me - and of course I´m not a software developer at all - that doesn´t make too much sense. Anyway I do not regret my recent purchase of AP and will continue to give it a try. Since my CC subscription ends in March 2018 there is still some time left to test
  4. Hi everybody, In Photoshop (where I´m coming from) I´m used to use a mixture of gradiation curves and saturation (HSL) layers with masks for dodge&burn. That works brilliant and I rebuilded that in AP which also works undtil it comes to macros. I´m trying to do this: In a document with one pixel layer I create one adjustment layer gradiation curve and one HSL adjustment layer. Then I rename them, I group them, rename the group to "Dodge" and add a mask to the group layer. Then I do the same for a "Burn" group. But I cannot manage to record a macro. I get several errormessages (see screenshots. In German, I´m sorry) Can´t be so difficult to record something that simply works when not record it. Cheers Michael
  5. Strange. After closing and restarting AP it works now.
  6. It´s the latest (German) version from the MAS (purchased today). I made a quick screencast.
  7. Hi there, I encountered a strange bug when it comes to dodge&burn. The burning tool works fine but the dodging tool creates very strange gray areas as you can see in the screenshot. I used the dodging tool simply on a copy of the background layer. Did anyone had the same issue and is there a solution? Cheers Michael
  8. Funny but as I record the screencast it suddenly works The ghost in the machine is fooling me Thanks for the quick help
  9. Thanks for making that clear but it still does not work properly. I have a JPG image that I converted into an .afphoto file which I placed into a .psd file and still I cannot click and edit the image. Same if I convert the .psd into a .afphoto file. I can make a quick screencast if that helps.
  10. Hi, I place/embed an image into another like shown in this video and that works fine, but when I double-click on the placed/embedded image I do not see the original image file at all. There is not tab showing me an <embedded> object and I cannot modify the original image. Any ideas why that is? Using the current trial version of AP on an iMac 27" with Mac OSX 10.12.6
  11. Good point. I could change the credit card for this purchase and then change it back. Will try. Thanks
  12. You´re right. That works. By the way: which RAW converter/catalog do you use if you don´t use Lightroom?
  13. Since I need to purchase my copy of AP in the Mac App Store how do I get a correct tax invoice from Serif and how can I use a different creditcard (my businesscard) for the purchase?
  14. I know that but anyway I would like to know from the company that sells the software on a professional basis if there is an option to get a proper tax invoice and to pay with a payment method of my company. Shouldn´t be a big thing I assume.
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