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  1. I can't reproduce the issue in Beta Since the 1.9.1 patch has the same build number, I assume no additional testing is necessary. Thanks!
  2. In this case it was a focus stacking. However the issue was the same after saving the file, restarting Photo and loading the file again.
  3. Some weird graphics glitch appears randomly in the UI (around the cursor, in the histogram window and on the layer thumbnails) Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 1070, hardware acceleration enabled
  4. Hi Leigh, actually what I would like to do is just soft proofing my photos for ordering at my print service provider. So you're saying I'm stuck with Lightroom for the time being? Thanks, Henning
  5. As described in the support request "Trouble with soft proofing", it would be great to be able to do proper soft proofing like in Adobe products (Photoshop / Lightroom). Among other things, an option to activate or deactivate the "paper and ink simulation" is currently missing, which is required for some icc profiles (i.e. from high-end photo print service providers). It would be really great not having to use Lightroom anymore for soft proofing! Thank you very much in advance!
  6. Hi Leigh, sure, I'll open a request. Do you have any suggestions how I can do soft proofing with AP until that gap has been closed? Thanks and best regards, Henning Link to request
  7. Hi Leigh, part of the problem is, in AP I can't choose whether the profile requires Paper&Ink simulation. According to the print service provider you're in good company, Capture One Pro for example is also lacking the functionality... But since LR or PS is your competition, it would be just great if you could implement it so I can abandon Adobe altogether I used the "Destination Gamut Warning" in LR (see attachment). The warning areas differ hugely depending on whether Paper&Ink emulation is turned on or off. Do you need another example image? Is there anything else I can provide to help you? Thanks and best regards, Henning
  8. Hi, I've got some problems using the soft proof adjustment layer in Affinity Photo. I am so far unable to replicate the behaviour of Adobe Lightroom (which worked pretty well). I've attached two images here showing the difference in results (left side LR, right side AP). Gammut check is totally off in AP and the shadows are way to bright in the preview. I'm using a color profile provided by the photo lab for their exposure unit and they specify exactly what settings to make for which of their products. In this specific case: Retain CMYK-numbers: n/a Retain RGB-numbers: off Rendering priority: relative colourimetric Black point/shadow compensation: on Emulate paper color: off The shadows in the LR preview also get (somewhat) brighter if I turn paper color emulation on, however that is wrong and I seem to be unable to turn it off in AP...? I hope I'm just missing some settings hidden in another dialog? It seems to me that AP sadly isn't usable for soft proofing in all cases...? I would be grateful to get rid of LR, so any help is appreciated! Thanks, Henning
  9. Does that mean I just tried that version and still get a grid, this time even when using other filters (i.e. Shadows/Highlights Filter) on a 8bit image. Thanks, Henning
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