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  1. Happy New Year to all fellow strugglers I hope that Serif finally will find time after the holidays to look into the problem. Has perhaps someone else found out some new information?
  2. I hope the double negative has not led to any confusion.... I cannot find any problem in any software (except Affinity Photo) I tried with the D50 monitor profile created by i1Profiler with default settings. From Adobe, I only use the latest Classic version of Lightroom, because I actually want to escape the Adobe subscription with the tools from Affinity. Anyway, if it helps you: iProfiler v3.3.0.13493 / XRD (latest updates offered)
  3. Quite possibly, but in my view openness would be the better solution in this case. Maybe someone can even help Serif with the problem... Apropos, I made another comparison and included GIMP, since it uses LittleCMS. Adobe Lightroom, Irfanview and GIMP have exactly the same colour reproduction, Affinity Photo is off. I would have been surprised by a general error of this kind in LittleCMS anyway, but this should still be an indication for a specific problem in Affinity Photo. So far I have yet to find a graphics software that gets it wrong too.... I also tend not to believe that my X-Rite software is not creating a correct profile, especially as every other software can handle it (at least every one I have tested).
  4. Thank you! Sometimes I doubt that I have really posted the issue. This is the first problem that Serif really seems to want to say NOTHING about. I simply can't understand... I also like Affinity products a lot and have convinced quite a few people in the past to ditch the Adobe subscription. (And I wasn't even on the Christmas list!) But this is slowly becoming just unprofessional.... I just hope they are working on a solution and don't want to make hasty false statements. Whereas it would still be much better to say ANYTHING than nothing at all... 😞
  5. That was my thought exactly. I have now recalibrated the monitor and created a v4 profile. (The X-Rite software by the way recommends using v2 for compatibility with third-party software). The differences are almost gone (+/-1 in RGB values), now Chrome has more of a borderline deviation. My conclusion would be: Use of a v4 profile is suitable as a workaround, the comprehensive solution would rather be a bugfix in Affinity Photo (and maybe Designer and Publisher if they share the code part). With the v2 profile, the match (apart from Affinity's Photo) was actually better or even perfect. Thank you for pointing out the connection between v4 profiles and D50 white point! I think the bug now should be sufficiently narrowed down for a developer. Now it only remains to hope that Serif will finally take care of the issue. Unfortunately, judging from recent reactions, I don't have many hopes. The forum reminds me a lot of Github issue discussions lately, only there it's about open source and everyone can work out and contribute bug fixes themselves...
  6. No, unfortunately not. I don't spend 15€ just to prove with another example that Serif has to do something...
  7. As I wrote before, the problem occurs with all (?) files. I just had the example at hand and it was publicly available. It really shouldn't matter where the profile comes from either. If the industry standard can handle it, Affinity should be able to as well. The file is also specifically meant for matching the monitor (in the photo exposure context).
  8. Okay, I just looked it up in i1Profiler. It's a v2 profile, so the version shouldn't be the culprit.
  9. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the tools, but I have attached the file here. It might also be interesting for the developers to debug the issue. FS2333_19-09-2021.icm I think the X-Rite software should also be able to create v2 profiles. Unfortunately, I won't be able to test it for a few days. But it would still make sense to solve the problem on the Serif side in order to draw level with all other tools (or at least many, from browsers to freeware)...
  10. Could be, although I first noticed the problem with files with ProPhoto RGB profile. Can be reproduced with any (?) files. Have you calibrated the monitor and activated the generated profile in Windows? Without the monitor profile, the colours are also correct for me. This is the only measurement method I have used. I am explicitly concerned with the representation of the colours on the display (including the device profile). Yes, I have just tested it. Unfortunately, it makes no difference at all.
  11. As already described/discussed in the support questions, colours are displayed incorrectly when a monitor profile is active in the system. The problem can only be reproduced with Affinity Photo and does not show up in Adobe Lightroom, Chrome, FastRawViewer or Irfanview.
  12. @DWright Is there a possibility that you can look at the problem or pass it on to colleagues? Thank you 🙂
  13. I also suspect that there is a bug in Affinity Photo regarding the colour display when the monitor profile is activated. I did some more tests on this and I think the following shows the problem quite well one more time. I have now in parallel opened the test file in Adobe Lightroom (top left), Google Chrome (top right, which has also supported colour profiles for some time), Irfanview (bottom left, with colour management activated) and Affinity Photo (bottom right, supposedly also supports colour management). With the monitor profile activated, it looks like this: By the way, FastRawViewer shows the same result as the group of three that agrees on colour reproduction. Now it would be nice to hear an opinion from Serif on this? I'm still hoping for a hidden setting in Photo that I messed up....
  14. Wohoo, I think you're on to something there! 👍 Now the big question is, why does a Windows system-wide monitor profile change the colour reproduction in Affinity Photo differently than in Adobe Lightroom? At first I thought that in one of the two programmes the colour had not changed, i.e. that the profile had been ignored. But that is not the case... I totally agree with that.
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