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  1. I hope someone will fix this bug, because you can temporarily go back to Windows 10, but not forever after all. Photoshop, DxO Photolab and other similar apps do fine in Windows 11.
  2. The problem probably only occurs in Windows 11 when using the monitor profile. All programs except AP display images identically as expected. AP displays slightly brighter. In my case it affects mainly the dark parts of the image.
  3. This is not a minor problem. Affinity Photo is the only program that displays images differently. Different than what I see in DxO when I process a file and export it for further processing in Affinity Photo, different than in any image viewer. It shouldn't be that way. It makes it difficult to work with. It's possible that the problem lies with Windows, but that doesn't change the fact that it shouldn't be that way.
  4. I have exactly the same problem. Also in Windows 11. The same images displayed in Affinity Photo are slightly brighter than in other applications. This basically makes it impossible to edit photos accurately, especially for the darkest parts of the photos. I use DxO PhotoLab and FastStone Image Viewer as a quick viewer. In these applications, the images are displayed correctly. They also look correct in the Windows 11 system viewer. If I remember correctly, in Windows 10 the problem did not occur.
  5. This is all understandable, but the question of why Affinity Photo displays a slightly brighter image than all other applications (Adobe, FastStone, system browser) on the same computer still remains unanswered... I'll keep experimenting, maybe I'll finally be able to discover something.
  6. During normal operation I still treat hardware acceleration as a test feature. It is still too unreliable. It's all probably because there are lots of combinations of hardware and graphics cards. But somehow this hardware acceleration still looks like a test version. Problems are far too frequent... I'm guessing the plans are ambitious, but it seems the number of combinations of hardware, graphics cards and drivers is too many to be easily done. On the other hand - acceleration in my DxO PhotoLab works great though. In DxO, however, it is used in narrower range.
  7. I use DxO Photolab to develop RAW files. The files exported from it look correct in the system browser and in Faststone Image Viewer. They are identical in DxO and in the mentioned browsers. The same (exported) file opened in Affinity Photo is slightly brighter (it shows up well in the dark parts of the image). I attach screenshots showing the difference.
  8. I also have the exact same problem. Did the tech support figure out how to fix it? It's a bit annoying because only Affinity Photo displays images this way.... All other apps that support color management show the same images as slightly darker. Weird.
  9. So far I have no crashes with HW acceleration enabled. But, interestingly, each session of work in the program generates new DMP files in "...\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\CrashReports\reports\". We'll see what happens next. While Affinity Photo is great overall, the hardware acceleration is still going hard....
  10. I have observed similar problems since installing 1.9.2. Copying and pasting a layer and trying to manipulate it sooner or later crashes the program. Usually almost immediately.
  11. So maybe I will try to persuade him. It will be better if he contacts you directly, than through an intermediary like me.
  12. I'm still waiting for PTLens compatibility with current beta. I contacted the author of PTLens regarding compatibility with Photo, he wrote back to me: "PTLens uses Photoshop's standard interface. I don't have a direct line to their [Serif] developers so posting in the forum is your best shot".
  13. Is there anything known about PTLens compatibility? This is one of the coolest plugins but still does not work in Windows.
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