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    bilboudo got a reaction from frankthechicken in Affinity Photo 1.7.1 still bugged   
    You can turn on the "show touches" (or so.. I'm Italian and I'm not sure how it's translated in the English version) option directly in the Affinity Photo preferences, General.
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    bilboudo got a reaction from Dan C in Apple Pencil 2's touch button on Affinity Photo iPad   
    Oh, it's true! Thank you for the clarification.
    I cross my fingers for the customize option in future.
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    bilboudo reacted to Anthony S. in Hand only for pan/zoom when using Apple Pencil   
    I would it find very useful to have the possibility to disable touch for any tools when using Apple Pencil.  
    I constantly tip the screen with my finger resulting in unwanted actions.
    Also then you could also use single finger for panning.
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    bilboudo reacted to thedragonllama in Turn off Undo / Redo popup text?   
    Whenever I Undo or Redo, with gestures or tapping the arrows, I get popup text right in the middle of the screen telling me what I undid or redid... but this gets in the way of things and is distracting. Is there a way I can turn these popups off? They get very annoying when I am doing line work and need to rapidly undo and redo lines, and these popups are constantly flashing and in my way. Thanks!
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    bilboudo reacted to Sargad in Gestures set to touch only in tools still erases?   
    Can we hope this issue will be addressed in the next update?  Also, when I use the two fingers either for zooming and panning, it randomly calls the color picker tool.
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    bilboudo got a reaction from Slimhim in Gestures set to touch only in tools still erases?   
    Me too very interested in the fix of this bug. To work is becoming frustrating.
    The app really fantastic and wonderful for professional work, but please, fix this problem as soon as possible!
    Is there any chance to know when will be released the next update with this (and others) bugs fixed?
    Many thanks for the hard work!!!
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    bilboudo got a reaction from Fpatricio in [Implemented] Support for Wacom Airbrush pen's Stylus Wheel   
    I'm a digital artist (not a photograph) and I use Photoshop to paint digitally.
    One of the most useful tools I like in Photoshop is the support for the Wacom Airbrush pen's "Stylus wheel", that I use to change the opacity of the strokes dynamically while I'm drawing.
    I've just downloaded the beta version of Affinity Photo and I've checked that the Stylus Wheel is not inserted into the options to manage the brushes dynamics.
    I think that this should be a really important add-on, that very few programs other than Photoshop supports.