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  1. Totally agree! CMD +/- to zoom in/out to selection is the most efficient way to zoom by far, especially for pen/tablet users. AD has a similar way of zooming using a mouse, but a lot of users do not use a mouse, especially illustrators which make a great portion of Affinity's user base. Most of today's mainstream design apps like Sketch, Gravit, and Figma are having zoom functionality exactly the same as it was in Fireworks. It would really, really help to have it in Affinity Designer / Photo built in as well.
  2. Selecting the object and pressing Cmd +/- to zoom in or out is the best way to zoom, especially for pen/tablet users - it's the most user-friendly way to zoom. Back then, zoom to selected object was built in Adobe Fireworks and today you can find it in Sketch, Gravit Designer and Figma. It would really, really help to have it in Affinity Designer / Photo built in as well.
  3. Green button is made of elements with default constraints and its effects behave normaly when grouped. Blue button is made of elements with custom constraints and the bottommost element crops its effect when grouped. It happens with all effects. I also noticed some issues with aligning shapes with custom constraints. Looks like constraints need more of dev's attention...
  4. Hi Sean, thanks, great to hear you're on it. Today I found another one. It involves nudging again, this time in interaction with the "Transform panel". Here's my video: http://imgur.com/a/qHlvv
  5. I saw this post with animated .gif attached to post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27090-force-pixel-snapping-buttons-doesnt-affect-altdrag-action/?hl=%2Bdrag+%2Bduplicate+%2Bshape and my questions is: is there any other way to attach a video inside a post (that plays there) instead of the need to download it to see it? Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, this is a bug related to 1.5.5 version (Mac). It wasn't there in v1.5 - I can tell because I use it a lot. Looking at screen recording: drag duplicating a shape, nudging it 20px, Cmd dragging* to make a duplicate - and then it happens: the shape being duplicated snaps back 20px! Drag duplicating is the fastest way to duplicate shape / text and it speeds up many designers workflow, so please fix it ASAP. *Cmd drag or Option drag, no matter. affinity-drag-duplicate-bug.mov
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