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  1. Today I discovered that Dropbox Professional will generate previews of Photoshop (psd), MS Office (doc, ppt, xls), iWork (or whatever the suite is called now), DWG, and lots of other file types, within a web browser. This enables creative professionals to send files to clients (via Dropbox) and the clients can view and comment on those files right in their web browser. It would be awesome if Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher files were supported this way as well.
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    Yep, the good old days of bitmap fonts and $6,000 monochrome laser printers! :)
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    Hello all. I've been using Adobe products since the mid 90's and Pagemaker since the Aldus days. Yesterday I cancelled my Creative Cloud subscription and bought Affinity Photo and Designer. Looking forward to Publisher! I'm glad to see the forum is active and I look forward to learning / contributing as I can.