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  1. This was a test for a game company one is totally with affinity but the drawings are just sign places from the web. and here you can find also another animated version half with affinity and half with illustrator, more futuristic, minimal. the text is bold and near to the border of the buttons because they have some elements of the sci-fi films of 60s with also the minimal style of the moodboard provided. Hope you like it, and if anyone is interested, I'm actually available for game companies <3
  2. Right sorry, one was OK and the other was Download, lol.. sorry, I'm abitued to yes and no, say ok was automatic thank you
  3. and for windows? I mean.. should I download again affinity from my account of affinity design website and re install again the version 1.6? i guess will delete my assets.. because in the affinity program it's just say a new version is online, but doesen't say UPDATE.
  4. Would be great to have some function for create in real time specular shapes. If for example I have to create a spaceship or other technical shapes, like this example or this Maya have some similar function, so as I tested you should be able to decide when the function is on and off, as you can create all the structure with this method, and for example decide to change some vectorial particular to one of the sides.
  5. Sorry, I found out, my problem was when I have some artboard and I create levels, there also if the artboard is locked everything will be transported in the artboard even if is locked. I didn't get it in that moment. sorry for that. But I also found today: if you select a locked level and create some vector shape, they will be placed in the locked level.
  6. When I lock some level, and I start to draw with the draw persona, the drawing will be placed in the locked level also if i selected another level (not locked)..
  7. 1)I was snapping tool for slice is not accurate. 2)when i create slices and after i create an artboard all my slices automaticaly moving
  8. I was just try to export with transparency and I'm returned in this post for find the setting for do it.. with a check box, i will also remind it when im in the export action :)
  9. About the slice problem you can see the jpg attach for discover more..
  10. Free download on my website http://www.andreacaliendi.com/affinity-resources/
  11. I start to be addicted to the materials! thank you
  12. Hello! This is my first sharing here, I don't use to do it but I start to love this program. I created for this work some base with textures, and effects, on the top I've created some digital painting for the cracks (hope is the right word :) ) As you can see the difference from locked and unlocked levels are the luminosity of the numbers and base, in the unlocked levels we have a glow inside and outside and in the locked we have the deep engraving with shadows. You can find my UI portfolio on my FLICKR UI Album Enjoy
  13. Hello Guys happy to see reply :) Today I exported the transparent PNG File, and for do that I set the document with transparent background, so you will have the transp. background also when you work... i think would be easly work on a project witout see a transparent bkground or you can decide that when you create the new progect, and decide to just export the transparent or not transparent project without switch on/off in the program setting but just with a checkbox during the export. For the last point, thank you, is what i was looking for. Btw, I hope you find helpful my suggestions and sorry for my english. I actually love the vectorial persona of affinity designer and today I also promoted this programs with a studio here, so, keep going the designer suit is amazing :)
  14. Hello Guys, this is my suggestion! I find affinity really incredible for the vectorial, i still prefer Photoshop for digital painting, but for the UI creation instead of AI, affinity with some update could be really better, i really liked also how affinity export the project for photoshop, that is great, and well organized, would be amazing if you can do it also for AI, and also if you can copy vectorial shapes for example in AI and simply paste in affinity, like it is from the adobe programs (AE, ID, AI...)
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