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  1. I have no idea whats causing that, you might want to look up how to use the export persona, since it is the best tool to export. Create an art-board around the scene you want to export. In export persona, in the studio, and go to slices. If the entire scene is there, which it should be, press the checkbox right next to the name of the artboard that you want to export (it should be artboard 1). Editting stuff in export format can't go horribly wrong, its basically direct export on steroids. If you cautious about this, duplicate the designer file and try this method. "Slices" is the term us
  2. are you using the export persona or direct export? If the former, could you upload a picture of your selected settings? If the latter, try editing the format in export persona.
  3. If I'm working with multiple objects that I want t liquify, I hate having to apply, select another layer, and go back into liquify persona. It would be much easier if Liquify Persona had an option to toggle between layers. This might be on the roadmap, might not, but the persona definitely needs the layer option to increase workflow efficiency
  4. Any idea what the affinity designer/affinity photo icons were doing in the edit profile area in the top of Publisher? Like on the upper left. Could we expect full vector functionality in Publisher, or is it just a beta app switcher?
  5. Its in Menubar, View > Studio > and then all the studio options appear. AFAIK there isn't any saved studio layouts, so fiddle around with it and recreate the studio you want to use
  6. Suggestion - when you add a new view, there should a feature allowing both tabs to separate into individual windows, each with their own studio and toolbar. At the moment, if I want to do that, I need to separate the windows, and when I fullscreen the original, I the rulers on the edges of are obscured by the toolbar. It would be nice for a new view to have its own toolbar/studio.
  7. Hi Affinity Forum, I am a noob coming in from the hand-drawing scene and would like to know how I would go about cleaning up a scan so only the solid black lines show, removing the visual imperfections such as dim hand smudges and such, with manually going over them? Is this feature possible in Affinity Designer or is it only possible in Affinity Photo? Thankyou in advance
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