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  1. Salve Moderatore, e grazie per queste prime indicazioni. Ma esiste la possibilitĂ  di vedere i tutorial, oltre che su IPad, anche su una normale tavoletta Android (tipo Samsung S2 Tab ? Ti ringrazio per l'informazione richiesta.
  2. Thank you Manu, a very useful reply. I do appreciate your assistance and time.
  3. I apologize for taking some more of your time but this concerns "replies to a post", because I do not know whether I am doing it right. Specifically, when I want to reply to a specific post (e.g. MEB) I seem to have no other option than going to the bottom of the page and post my reply. Question : how do I know whether my reply goes "only" to MEB ? I'm asking because I do not want to bother all the participants in this thread with replies that concern only one of them. Trying to make it according to the Forum rules. Thank you. I promise I won't post anything else on this topic !
  4. Thank you Carl123 for pointing out the difference. I'll keep that in mind.
  5. Thank you MEB for a very clear and exhaustive explanation. I'm glad to learn.
  6. Manu : in my answer to you, I forgot to specify that the area was not actually getting a red overlay.
  7. Manu : in my answer to you, I forgot to specify that the area was not actually getting a red overlay.
  8. Hello, although I could not compare your suggestions with my photo files that I closed prior to reading your comments, in opening my photos again this morning I made sure that your recommendations were complied with. And now everything works fine. Thank you again for your assistance. P.S. Assuming that, yesterday, my photos were opened with your indications already automatically in place, I would think that the fact that tools were not yielding any effect could be due to an "out of memory" condition, as I had been editing for quite some time. If this were the case, my assumption might be
  9. Thank you Alfred and Manu ! I will work on your suggestions and then report back the result (which might be useful for other beginners). I was under the assumption that just by selecting the tool I would get the same effect on my photos. I was unaware that I needed to make adjustments in the Studio Panel or Menu. P.S. BTW, I can see that the tool selects the area which I want to work on, but then when I release the mouse button I do not get any effect. IOW, before releasing the button I can see that the application is working on my demand but there is no effect at the end.
  10. Hello, I've purchased Affinity Photo Workbook and I am now going through Core Skills. By following the procedure described by the book it is easy to modify a resource (e.g.impainting_people.jpg by using the Impainting Brush) And yet I cannot reproduce the same effect on my pwn photos. Going exactly through the same procedure described by the book I do not get the same effect on my own photo. Am I doing something wrong, or am I missing some procedural detail ? Thank you.
  11. You have created an incredibly good tool for those, like me, who needed a true manual to become better acquainted with the Photo software. There is no "thank you" big enough to convey my appreciation for this superfine work. You made many people happy. I will post my comment, if necessary, once I start using it.
  12. Hi, thank you for this clear explanation. I see where my mistake was. I thought Workbook would be a sort of manual for Photo, hence the confusion. Again, thank you for your time. Have a good day.
  13. Are Draw Persona and Pixel Persona optional modules for Affinity Photo ? I see these two items in the Affinity Designer Workbook but not in my Affinity Photo software. Thank you.
  14. I am confused about the resource download mentioned in the Affinity Workbook. For example, on page 71 I can see a square named "resource" and this link : core_skills_artboards.afdesign. If I enter this link in the navigator address space I just get a Google page but not the resource to download. What am I doing wrong ? Can anyone help me understand the correct way of doing this ? Thank you.
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