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  1. Downloaded the update Launched Photo Opened 576 meg file Make one crop, all goes well Make a selection to eliminate the background, freeze and must force quit. Open image again crop and save as native Photo file Make a few selection to eliminate background, freeze and must force quit. Repeat. Same result. macOS10.12.6 iMac 27 inch 3.5GHz Core i7
  2. GaryMulcahey

    Panoramic function

    Thanks Mike, I will give more of the AP features a good going over so I can get familiar with the interface and functionality. Pretty excited to be learning something new. G
  3. I had a job before the holidays. The subject was 40 ft long and 15 ft high. The subject was in a rectangle shaped room along the long dimension and couldn't be moved. I had to shoot from the short side of the room. Tried a series of wide lenses but that was unacceptable due to distortion. So I had no choice but to stitch a series of images. I gotta tell you it was the first time I stitched anything. I was pretty nervous about it because it was a one off. I would not get a second attempt. The subject was getting dismantled the next day. So I locked everything down and took 7 shots on the vertical. This is where Affinity Photo steps in. Got back to my Mac and watched some Photo tutorials. Dumped the raw files into the Panoramic window and out came a near perfectly stitched image. Only one little spot that took seconds to fix was the only issue. So a big thank you for that folks! Good software. I am trying to learn this software so I can dump PS completely. As a long time PS user it will take some time but now I am committed. G
  4. GaryMulcahey

    AP + Nik Collection = Magic

    Thanks Keith!!
  5. GaryMulcahey

    AP + Nik Collection = Magic

    Sorry if there is an obvious answer to my question but sometime I can't see the forest for the trees. How do I access/install plugins to AP? I have searched and looked and see nothing. Thanks G