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  1. Hello, Thanks for fast reply to my question. My hdd is being strange and not loading or saving. So I purchased new drive and will do a full system reinstall on new drive when it arrives I hope sometime this week. Thanks for the help. Fred
  2. Hello, How Do I deactivate Affinity (all) for reinstall? My C drive is dying and new one on order. How do I deactivate software for reinstall? Thanks in advance Fred
  3. Hello, Sorry for late reply. Yes I have license. Doing the save as .psd massively increases the size of each .tif file but at least now I can open them in affinity. Thanks for your help. Fred
  4. Hello, I will give it a shot and see if it works. Thanks Fred
  5. Hello, I have about 150 or so files all tif. Each .tif file is a complete alphabet and special symbols. So each has about 50 layers in each file which is one layer per letter, number and special characters. Also each file is a special font design. I cant upload due to copywrite plus the size of each file is between 500mb up to about 1.5gb per file. I did not want to have to use Photoshop for them. I guess I have no choice but use Photoshop. Thanks Fred
  6. Hey Guys & Gals, Thanks for the fast reply and help. My problem is the .tif files are purchased alphabets. SO I do not know enough about PS to change file types. Must be a reason company made them tif files unlike just .psd files or am I wrong? Thanks in advance Fred
  7. Hello, Thanks for fast reply. I thought Affinity handled Photoshop files which is why I asked. Thanks for your help and time. Fred
  8. Hello, Here is the error I get for every file. Thanks Fred
  9. Hello, I can't get my .tif files to work in Affinity. I have hundreds of .tif files that are multilayer and none of the affinity software can open them correctly. Is there some feature that has to be turned on or off to get them to work? They open fine in Photoshop just not any of the Affinity software. Thanks in advance Fred
  10. Hey Telemax, Thanks for the suggestion I will also do that to save myself some grief. Thanks again Fred
  11. Hello Walt.Farrell, Thanks for the fast reply to my "Stupidity". I have not used software since it first came out so lost a lot of past knowledge. I now understand with your and GarryP's help. Thanks for all your help. Its time for me to go back to basics to relearn the software. Fred
  12. Hello GarryP, Thanks for the fast reply to my issue, I really appreciate it. Sorry for my late reply been sick in hospital several times. As for what you said I have tried what you said and I see the items. But some show normal and others are blacked out thou I can use the few I tried. I have attached a picture everything above the colored symbol show in color while all the rest are black. Is that normal? Thanks in advance Fred
  13. Hey Guys / Support, I have a weird problem. I have been trying to do a project in all affinity software but there are no assets. Some show IOS but are all greyed out even thou im oin widows 10 pc. Then I cant find any normal graphics in any program such as Chat bubbles, cubes and anything else. I have not used software in a long time and I updated them all today. Basically I have some photos and need to add chat bubbles to some of them. Then others I need to add various symbols like diamond shapes and a few circles. But as I said I cant find our use any of the items shown and not much of those if any in any of the software. Is there supposed to be any assets in any of the 3 programs? If so where are they or how do I find or add them? Thanks in advance Fred
  14. Hello StevenS, Thanks for the fast reply to my post. I have sent an email to the email you provided. Thanks again for the help. Fred
  15. Hello MEB, Thanks for letting me know about my questions. I will wait for @Patrick Connor or other Customer Service to respond. Thanks again. Fred
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