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  1. Hello, I am writing to ask if Affinity Publisher can open and use Microsoft Publisher files? Can't seem to see a post on it on the forum. Thanks Gren
  2. Hello, How do I move my Affinity Software to new windows install on same PC? I doing a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro in a week or 2 and want to get ready. So do I simply uninstall from current pc and then reinstall when new OS/drive is on pc? Thanks in advance Gren
  3. Hello Jeff, Thanks for fast reply to my post, i really appreciate it. I thought I had to deactivate old versions somehow to reinstall like my adobe software. I just wanted to be sure before I do it to avoid fighting like I do with Adobe. Thanks for the help Gren
  4. Hello, Thanks for the info and help. I truly did do searches but I typed out full Microsoft Publisher and not just ".pub". Thanks again for the help. Gren
  5. Hello, How do I keep Affinity software current to latest version? I see no update button inside software. Next is how do I tell what latest version of software you have released? I want to make sure I am current but find no way to know that. Thanks in advance Gren
  6. Hello, Ok thanks for the information. Have a great Day. Gren
  7. Hey Guys, I purchased directly from Serif as I am a long time customer. In their old software there was an update button which is why I was asking. I want to make sure my Affinity software stay updated and current. Thanks Gren

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