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  1. @v_kyr Thank you I will look at this link in free time But I think that AP should support color checker cards by default....
  2. Hello. I must have a very accurate colors on my picrutres (tint of light in flashlights) and for that, today, I bought on ebay a "24 Patch Colors ColorChecker For Munsell Or Macbeth Classic White Balance Card" This card has 24 colors, and in the back of it there are RGB values of each color. But to be honest, I don't know how shoud I align colors from picture to RGB values from card.... Any thougs? Daniel
  3. Sean P, thx for info. I converted to RGB16 and it works
  4. I attached AFPhoto file and screenshot with export settings. Please look, that even in Navigation Pane is the same weird situation, like in exported jpg. _MG_4923.afphoto
  5. Hello. I have weird situation with AP. When I export file to jpg it looks weird. Blacks become blue. Please look at attached screen. For me it looks like a bug in AP or am I doing something wrong? Daniel
  6. Hi All :) Thank you all for replys :) I'll try to repeat your suggestions :) Kolaborek.
  7. Hello :) I bought Affinity Photo about month ago, and this is my first work, which I'm proud of :) It was made for FB Contest. Unfortunatelly contest will end today, and propably I have no chance (win this person, whose work will be the most "likes"). But if you want to help me, pls like this picture on FB under this link Thank you all :) Technical info: Picture was made with Canon 80D in raw, then it was processed with rawtherapee, and finally edited in Affinity Photo.
  8. Thank you for replies :) I found inner/outer glow but I don't know how make it so ... that it look like it was "blurred by the wind"? :) I hope that you understand what I mean ;)
  9. Because I'm new to this forum, first I want to say hello to everyone ;) About six years ago I made logo project for "Forum Astronomiczne.pl" (below is screenshot) I made it with Photoshop and some tutorial, but I can't find it now (maybe it event doesn't exist any more...) Does anyone know how to recreate that glow effect over letters if Affinity Photo? Or maybe know where is tutorial showing how to make that effect? Daniel.
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