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  1. Finally =D, have been quite anxious for this one haha thx.
  2. Hello, I have a surface pro device and I use it primarily for work and art. The issue I have with affinity designer/photo with the surface is that it's pretty much impossible to draw while having the cover attached. So by beeing able to add custom actions to the pen itself, I would perhaps be able to use it quite a bit more efficiently. I would be able to re-bind the single button on the pen to adjust the size of the pen pretty much exactly like you would in photoshop. Or even better, beeing able to press that single button and hover (Not pressing) would bring up a customizable toolbox/settings adjustment tools that could be selected.
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    I can't wait, awsome suggestion =D
  4. I would really really like an API for Affinity Designer and Photo. I have lots of plugins I would like to create or get if available. An addition if an API would be present would hopefully be a plugin gallery/mall where you can "easier" find plugins, extensions etc for the softwares. ATM I haven't found a place where it's "easy" to find more assets etc so quite a bit of time is used to create pretty much everything from scratch which is useless if there would be a way for the community to easly share content to each other. Personally I would be willing to pay if there where a marketplace although open source is important in my opinion
  5. Hello, I use Affinity Designer primarily for software design IE mobile/desktop apps, websites etc. I like how fast and easy it is to draft layouts and individual elements in Affinity Designer but it would be very handy to be able to attach notes to individual objects. Why? Well, if I make an element for an app I might want to keep record of the dimentions, colors etc so by beeing able to take notes and just read them real quick would be a bit time saving instead of navigating through palettes, size settings etc to get the "relevant" information, not to mention quite easy to miss a detail. This suggestion is just about adding custom notes for various reasons, give yourself a reminder etc but I see quite a bit potential. For example, in the future it could perhaps be extended to allow to export each object to a stylesheet like template with the notes under each object. The notes would obviously not be visible unless you want them to, otherwise they might interfere with the designs. NOTE: Objects/Elements is just a layer/group but Objects/Elements seems more appropriate in this context.