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  1. I have the same problem., Windows. The text was created and placed in the artboard. And it was good a few steps before. Now the grid is placed properly on the artboard but all content is shifted.
  2. Why I need reading professional reviews if I use the program? For example AD does not have the arrow head line styles. I found this after buying. Someone in the forum wrote that you had a trial version and you saw what you bought. But it never entered my head to check whether this feature is in the program because any program has this simplest thing. I thought I was probably looking bad and I came in forum to find out where to search it and what I saw? People asking for the arrows since 2014. Hello? What is that standard that you are happy with? what do you polish out there? People are askin
  3. Also we need alpha in Hex(8-digit) and RGBA. And it would be nice if we could copy the values of Hex and RGBA to the clipboard in this form: for RGBA 102, 0, 153, 0 for RGB 102, 0, 153 for Hex #FFFFFF for Hex (A) #80FFFFFF
  4. Honestly. I bought the program and can say, that when you work a little longer than the trial version, you'll find that the programs are very raw. There are no basic tools. The development of the program is very slow. The guys are not in a hurry and maybe not even know where they are going. They do not collect the best of the other programs, they just copy Illustrator. The interface is already getting tangled, and they are just beginning. I could return the program back, but $100 is not a lot of money.
  5. My system language in Windows is Russian, but i use AD with English UI. So see the picture. Not everything is translated.
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