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  1. I am also interested in saving my interface layouts.
  2. howdytom

    Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.0

    Impressive release notes. Thank you. Excellent work
  3. howdytom

    Command + A Crashes Publisher

    Excellent. Yeah, crashes are gone using v. on Mac Sierra. Thank you!
  4. Callum, thanks for your reply. Current workaround: Prior adding a new color, always delete the color swatch or rename the existing one. I don't think a checkbox would be required. If the color name has not been renamed, it should be updated based on current colour value. I hope this makes sense. It happened to me multiple times that I was using a previous color value. Any chance that we can move this thread to the Feature Requests section?
  5. I am looking for a way to set the colour name automatically based on colour value in Affinity Designer. When you change a colour value in a Indesign document, it automatically changes the colour name accordingly within the swatches window. It's a huge timesaver. When you add a colour to the swatches panel, Affinity applies the colour value name. However when I change a existing colour within the swatches panel, it shows the previously colour value. It looks like I have to manually change the colour value. How can I do that in Affinity Designer or Affinity Publisher?
  6. I am also interested in 'Simulate Paper Color' feature. I have been using it all the time in Adobe Indesign to check how colour behaves on Yellowish oder uncoated paper. We should move this thread to the Feature Requests section.
  7. Hi there, I am desperately trying to export a simple 3 layer Affinity photo document. layer 1: logo layer 2: bitmap-pattern with 50% transparency (multiply) layer 3: 100% fill color Layer 1 and 3 show up as expected. Layer is 2 missing. Looks like the export engine doesn’t support Alpha layers and are ignored. What else can I do? Is this is bug? Thank you for your help.
  8. Hi there, in Photoshop I am using the trim feature for white and transparent backgrounds a lot. To be specific, here's the Photoshop Workflow: Youtube Video example. Reference to my initial post So, please add: Trim to transparent or to a specific colour function in Photo.
  9. Congratulations. well deserved
  10. howdytom

    Polar coordinates and arcs

    I am also interested in a Polar Grid Tool implementation.
  11. Wow, thanks for your fast reply. Anyway, thank you for moving to the feature request section.
  12. Hi there, does Affinity Designer provide a Polar Grid Tool like AI? I’d like to create Polar coordinates. (see attached image). Currently the only workaround is to creating multiple circle and split and merge them. Thanks,
  13. MEB: Thank you for getting back on my original question and your in-depth explanation.
  14. MEB, thank you for your quick reply. yes, I have also uploaded both pattern layers as separate file. Compatibility with Photoshop isn’t that important to me. I’d rather prefer using Affinity and export the final result. This time it was a very simple document, so re-creating the file in Photoshop wasn’t a big deal. However pattern layers should not be missing on PNG/JPG
  15. Hi there, I am trying to show File Extensions on the export dialog. In Preferences in the General tab I have unchecked »Automatically Hide Extension«. The Suffix should be explicitly visible. However File Extensions still do not show up when I choose a file name. Same issue in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. What can I do?
  16. I see. Actually this is not what I was looking for. It would be much more consistent to add the system-wide option "Hide extension" to the bottom left corner.
  17. Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear enough with my original question. Due to tight deadlines I had to switch back to Photoshop. layer 2: it’s a bitmap (PNG file) which I attached as pattern. I’ve attached 2 screenshots. On export the pattern structure is missing
  18. I’d like get back on this topic. I am also looking for a default settings as süppel pointed out. Sorry, I totally disagree on that. It’s kind of confusing that images show up blurry and pixelated as default. Still, first reaction to me is what happened to the image quality? Using a keyboard shortcuts to switch the document view to 100% is an unnecessary step. If you’re working with multiple images you don’t want to do that on every image, do you? Images should be opened in the 100% view as default. Do we already have a feature request for that?
  19. I used to be a Bridge user. The Affinity photos media browser is pretty responsive and useful for quick selections. I really like that, although it lacks a lot of feature compared to Bridge. Agree with Engine44, there should be a option to hide Apple iPhoto, Apple Photo collections or any predefined OS X folders completely.
  20. Hi there, in Photoshop I am using the trim feature for white and transparent backgrounds a lot. To be specific, here's the Photoshop Workflow: Youtube Video example I’ve tried to the same workflow it Affinity Photo without luck. Here's what I tried: I am able to to select the image using the Magic Wand - Selection Inverse the selection and copy the image to a new document. However in Photoshop times usually it automatically creates the exact document size. I don't know the exact dimension. I hope this makes sense. Looking forward to a quick reply.
  21. R C-R, Thank for your in-depth and excellent explanation. I really like the Affinity Community. Great and responsive support.