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  1. This job allowed me to test the Affinity Photo Features like - Cloning, Adjustments - Selective Color | Curves | Sharpness, Cutouts with Pen tool, Brush Tool etc... In Affinity Designer - Layout was quite easy, Placing Affinity Designer Files into another Affinity Designer File reduces efforts to rotate the art-boards multiple times, Pantone Selection, Application Color Palette. I will surely update the final print result over here.
  2. It was a challenge for me to execute a food packaging job on Affinity Designer. I did this job with lots of tricks in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. No any other software was used. Entire from Raw file conversion to photo-editing, photo-cutout was done on Affinity Photo. In Affinity Designer i first setup the size of the job and set all the objects in proper placing. This job is to be printed on a Gravure Printing Machine with combination of 4 Process colors + 1 Pantone + Logo Red Color. Now the trick part was to give the client variety in color yet should be cost effective and appealing. So we used a common Pantone color which we can change easily on the Printing machine by replacing the ink. So Black color was our savior because on every new job i was getting 4 color cylinders ready for the job. So i used Black color as a Changing element with text in reverse, so client gets a 5 color job at the Development of 4 color job. The job was processed on Art Pro for Cylinder Engraving. I am waiting for the print results to arrive. Once they are ready i will update you the result. Vishal Ambasana - DesignPreuner @ SA Graphic - (Rajkot) India.
  3. Recently I face a problem where I had to put a text on to a perspective product in a circular form. I was unable to do that and had to get it done from AI and shift to AD. I also found that there are no text wrap options into this.
  4. I have Uploaded the Files. Sorry for the delay. Please check them and give your suggestion to improve my technicality. Daily I am facing one or other problems for the EPS conversion and Rasterizing issues. If this can overcome than I can bet that this software will go miles into the design fraternity.
  5. I am facing server problems while exporting the files for print production. i am sending and EPS file to label printer and he does not see anything in it. He sees a blank page. So i try to send a PDF but in that also he sees all the color settings go haywire. Please help me if anybody know about this issue. I am mainly involved in print production jobs and if this is going to happen than i doub't AD will not work for artist in print production.
  6. Hello, i want to buy affinity designer and photo for 4 systems and need guidance on how to purchase them? Please help.
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