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  1. For some reason vector group is rasterized on expor to pdf. If i ungroup and group again it exports in vector. Am attaching files. UL100_FS_logoC_cmyk.afpub UL100_FS_logoC_cmyk.pdf UL100_FS_logoC_cmyk.afpub
  2. If you add Erase blend mode, it will nondestructive add contour of that shape inside the group. You can play a little with the gradient of the outline to achive some offsets. Am attaching my file. It would be cool to have same options on Outline as there are on Stroke. You could than add dashed line and change the corners from round to sharp and so on. Outline-Contour test.afdesign
  3. Guess that will do for now Its funny how many workarounds we find.
  4. You can do this by grouping two circles and going under Layer effects and apply outline.
  5. I would like to suggest that scale for printing should be separated into HEIGHT and WIDTH. Why? Well some printers are not calibrated that accurate and the prints are off by some %. Lets say an rectangle 10x10 would print 9.99x10.1. This would be impossible to scale it by the uniform scale that is now present in the printer settings. I loved that part in illustrator.
  6. Yes the document was made from new. Maybe I've scrolled by mistake to a different profile while working or making the file. This are the color profiles in AD. the Black scaled is listed.
  7. Have attached the files. Log.txt Color icc's.zip Hope I've done it correctly. Color icc's.zip
  8. Found this files that I think are relevant. Did not find any icc files that would mach the name of black scaled. wsRGB.cdmp wscRGB.cdmp sRGB Color Space Profile.icm
  9. I dont have any ICC profile set for my windows 10 color management. Thank you for the clarification, why it was a problem for not exporting. Good to know. Am attaching the Color Preferences of AD.
  10. For some reason I cant export this file to PDF. I've tried to recreate the cause but was not able. I know I have rotated the artboard but i'm not shore if that's the reason. Am attaching the file. Artboard rotated Test - PDF export.afdesign
  11. For now you should align the artboards with the grid so they snap properly.
  12. I see now why i could not recreate the same result in APhoto like this video. The Fill option like in PS is not available in APhoto.
  13. Hi. I've noticed a bug when the Canvas is rotated 90°. The mouse arrows are in opposite direction. thx
  14. There is a bug if you copy paste a table that is on page that uses master page. After pasted, the table can not be deleted or moved. Only text can be edited. Its like if it would be pasted in a master page template or something. Am attaching video. 2019-08-28 13-46-24.mp4
  15. There is a bug when you align text to middle if Baseline grid is used but its off for table under paragraph menu. - Use baseline grid (ON) - Patagraph - Align to Baseline Grid (OFF) - - Use baseline grid (OFF) - Patagraph - Align to Baseline Grid (OFF)
  16. Hi. Would like to suggest that "fold marks" should be added on PDF spread export under the the menu for printer crop marks. Thank you.
  17. Thanks for the Edit detached. Have another question. Is there a way to change the orange line in Layer to a dashed line like in the image I'm attaching. With a right click or something. I know it changes if you place an image, but is there a just a click menu. Because when its dashed like this an image can be dragged inside without the Edit detached. THX
  18. The thing is i dont want it in master page. I know I can place an image with the place option in the File menu. But it seems impossible to do it with images already placed in on page or pasted images from clipboard.
  19. Doesn't give me that option for frames made in master pages. It only gives me that option when the frame is made directly on the page.
  20. Why isn't it possible to paste into picture frame that is added in master page and used as template. Or why isn't it possible to move the picture inside a frame from the layer panel. I can paste image with right click on frame that is made directly on page but cant do it on a frame from master page. THX
  21. Yes a lot of wired things happen when exporting to PDF. Live filters don't get exported and bleeds don't get exported or are offset to a different position. Live filter and bleed PDF.pdf Live filter and bleed PDF.afdesign
  22. I see you have the wrong fill selected. Go to the stroke and fill for cell of the table. You were at the frame fill. THX.
  23. If you go over the image with the eye-dropper. You can see that the color is not shown same in the table fill or stroke color. Am attaching an image . THX for the new app.
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