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  1. Lemme double check... You're right! CTRL + ALT + Drag on Mac (as printed in the help).
  2. Hello, I found that Affinity Photo will draw the nozzle outline for every brush that has only one nozzle. Otherwise, with two or more nozzles, the brush is shown as crosshair (inside a circle). So the workaround is quite simple: I defined an empty nozzle (1x1 white pixel document, maybe transparent is possible) and added this nozzle to a brush : the brush is now shown as a crosshair. Beware, the brush flow is modified because of the second nozzle; reduce the spacing in the general properties of the brush if the "utility" nozzle introduces jitter. Another way would be to clone the original nozzle, but where are they stored? Still, I would prefer to have a default crosshair overriding the nozzle silhouette! Bug report: in the brush editing form, in the texture panel the "add" button is greyed if you call the form on a brush that has no nozzle (ie. "airbrush" in the "spray-paints" category). So you cannot add a nozzle even if you change brush while keeping the form open. Start with another brush to be able to add nozzle. Feature requests: - allow crosshair display to override nozzle display :-) - it could be handy to be able to reorder the nozzles by drag-and-drop.
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