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  1. Well thanks for the links but that wasnt what i meant. Ill try to rephrase my question: Lets pretend i copied the blue channel of an image to mask out the sky. Now there are different tonal values, its not just pure white or pure black. So what i would do in Photoshop is i would take the Paint brush and switch the painting mode to overlay (theres also darken, lighten, screen etc.). Now if i would have the black color on my brush and would go over a dark and bright part, it would only affect the darker parts and make them darker. Also i could use the white brush and make the brighter parts brighter, so i can have a better mask. Now if i try this in Affinity Photo the overlay mode does absolutely nothing, it just paints over the mask like its the "normal" painting mode. Why is that so and how can i make it work right?
  2. Hey all, how can i use the paint brush in the overlay mode to refine my masks? In Photoshop i used the overlay mode and then i could brush over lets say bright areas and the dark areas wouldnt get affected and vice versa. But in Affinity when i use the overlay mode for my paint brush nothing actually changes. Would be nice if you can help me out here! With kind regards, DrEvilking
  3. Hello, i have a small problem: I can't change the width of my brushes with the usual command ALT + RMC + Pulling - like it's done in photoshop and i think here aswell. Does someone know why? With kind regards

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