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  1. Just installed NIK 3. Everything seems to work fine (including HDR) For "perspective efex" i click "try" in the message box mentioned above og also this seems to work. Used TIF file /RGB 16, AP , Windows 10. tss
  2. Hmm .... so I will never know if the image I am working on right now might have a better quality if I export it with a program other than AP? Unless I have another program to compare with. Hmmm… again. Thought I had the best app😊. Maybe I need to go shopping again, a secondary app. tss
  3. Does this mean that the quality of images exported in Jpg (in AP) is poorer/lower than in other photo programs? (starting file is a TIF file), or have i misunderstood the topic/discussion?What gives the best quality (Jpg): Lanczos 3 separable or Lanczos 3 non separable? tss
  4. Hello Yes - that was actually easier/faster. Now i have several ways to do it.( Was afraid i had to buy Topas or Akvis etc) to be able to do it. Thanks again tss
  5. Aahhh - of course , thank you, i will try it. A creativ solutinon, I think it will work. ( i forgot to be creativ) tss
  6. Hello Is it possible to make any kind of frames on photos in AP? Just a simpel colored frame. tss
  7. I have Topaz Detail, but i have not tested it properly yet. Based on your photos, I might have chosen the one where Neat Image was used. If you look at the tentacle. But it's hard when you do not see the whole picture / actual size. ( Maybe I have to buy anyway) tss
  8. I am on Windows The results may not be so different, so i guess it's a matter of which programs you think are easiest to work with. tss
  9. I thought so. I'm struggling a little with Dfine, I'm not quite happy with the results, so I thought i maybe buy Neat Image. But if there is so little difference between the apps i guess I continue to use Dfine and AP. (I was hoping you would say that Neat Image is a fantastic and the best noise removal software on the market, so I could justify purchasing the program ) Thank you for responding tss
  10. Problem: Indoor sports photography, using high ISO that causes grainy images. Which is best for removing the noise/grain: Dfine 2 (NIK), Neat Image or AP own "denoise"? I am interesting to hear your experiences? (Perhaps not correct the forum to ask the question, but I take the chance) Thank you tss
  11. Amazing...... i did a quick test using John`s method and another one using the macro from Carl123, and both worked. I now have 3 methods (incl my own) that actually works. (Serif - call John or Carl if you need help to make a fix ) (when using the macro i had to apply guassian blur after running the macro) (the macro is now in my library - thanks) Is sure that all 3 methods will be useful depending on the pictures (color combinations) to be processed. Roger - don`t worry about hijacking, i also think thats related, Thank you all and i also want to wish everyone a happy, happy new year tss
  12. Thanks John I`ll try your way to do it. Strange that whatever we do with the background affects the forground, but if we do something with the foreground it does not affect the background. Wonder if other programs/apps like photoshop etc have the same halo problem? tss
  13. Sorry, you're absolutely right. There are probably other and better methods, but this worked on the image I worked with. Did not get rid of everything but a significant part. I used the selection brush toolThen inverted the pixel selection Then i made a copy of the image Selected/marked the copy and used a blured filter (gaussian blur) and at least at the current image got better. If there is another way to do to it i will be pleased to hear about it. tss
  14. Hello Are there any new (easy) methods to get rid of the halo when trying to get the background blurry? Searched old treads and found this (link). Are there any better/easier way to do it? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44282-how-to-blur-backgrounds-in-ap-requesting-instructions/&page=5#comment-260626 Thanks in advance tss
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