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  1. Hi, System engineers have solved the problem since it works for resizing the document, where you have to enter + = 20 for example to increase the current size by 20 pixels. And so we can make a macro usable for any size of document. So why does not it work in the case of canvas? Best regards Pk
  2. Hi Patrick, Strange : On one of my pc the update was done automatically and on the other one impossible to update ! In the menus, there is no option for updating, even by displaying the welcome window . I will try the link you have mentionned. Best regards Patrik
  3. Hello, I would like to know if the 6 cores of the new i7 7800x processor will be used effectively by AP Elsewhere on this forum, I received the information that to make AP run faster, it was the most important number of hearts. Therefore this new processor should be more powerful than the i7 7700K but as it is new (not yet released) will it be actually more efficient with AP? In fact, the question could be: A new processor with more cores, will it be used 100% by AP? Or should Serif's engineers adapt AP to this new hardware? Best regards Pk
  4. Thanks IanSG and Jer for your answer! I thought to put: Main board: GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 7-EK ( Intel Z170 - Socket 1151 ) Processor: INTEL Quad Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz up to 4.50 GHz [ LGA1151 - 8MB - 14 nm - 91 W ] Graphic card :I'm not sure it's necessary: GIGABYTE GV-N108TD5X-B PCIe ( GeForce GTX1080Ti 11264MB HDMI 3xDisplay port ) DDR4 32GB [2x16GB] 2133Mhz C14 - KINGSTON HyperX Fury [HX421C14FBK2/32] and for the monitor: eizo-cs2420 I will go look at the link you mentioned in the previous post Intel just released an i7 to 6 cores, but, for now, few compatibles motherboards (INTEL CoreX i7-7800X (6 Cores) 3.5GHz up to 4.00 GHz) Best regards Pk
  5. Thanks for your answer, From what I understand (I do not speak English) AP is not software that uses the graphics card as a process accelerator ( Like DXO or https://pencilsheep.com/ ) And so the choice of the graphics card does not matter, no need to mount a card for gaming for example? cordially Pk
  6. Hello, I was wondering if AP was designed to work more effectively with a certain type of Graphic card? This is the case for some software like DXO, but I found nothing about AP. Can you give some information? Best regards Pk
  7. Hi RC-R, Thank you for your insightful opinion, this will help me. Best regards Pk
  8. Thanks for your feedback very same I agree with you regarding the performance of Pc and Mac. But the fact is that AP works better on mac, and this is due to the software. And the serif policy is clearly oriented to Mac's users, unlike Adobe where, for example, lightroom works just as well on Pc as on Mac! That's why I hesitate to buy a Mac, but in this case it would be just to use AP in good conditions, the Pc version has many bugs and what works well in the Pc version works more slowly on Pc!! Best regards Pk
  9. Thank you very much DWright for your answer Pknew
  10. Hello, I use Affinity photo (AP) with a notebook Lenove (i7 (5500), 16 Gb Ram, Nvidia geforce 840m) And it's much slower than with a mac. I eventually consider buying a Mac or mounting a more powerful Pc tower. Are there any users of AP windows version that have a configuration that matches the performance of a mac? If so, what is this optimal configuration for running AP and what advice do you give to build a powerful and AP compatible tower? Thank you for your help. Best regards Pk
  11. Thank you very much for your quick reply! I hope that you will correct the problem because the scopes are very powerful tools and this is a big plus over PS !! Best regards PK
  12. Here is the screnprint: (the first is Mac's version) As you can see it is very different vectorscope between pc and mac version. I keep thinking vectorscop don't works well! Best regards PK
  13. thank you for your reply MBd Ok it is for the saturation. But i have another example which show a difference between Mac and Pc versions in the same image sursaturated. The Mac version show a scope vector on the border of the circle but in the Pc version no. I will try to send a Printscreen of that Best regards