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  1. Hello. V2.04 is available, but I can not find information about fixes and news.
  2. Vorankündigung für das M62-Magazin AUSGABE NR. 13 Wenn ich es schaffe, kommt am kommenden Wochenende mein neues Heft raus. Auf 6 Seiten wird das Mesh-Tool des Designers an Hand eines schönen Beispiels beschrieben. Über die Publisher-Personas kann man das auch im Publisher nutzen. Ich zeige, wie man gespeicherte Vorlagen besser verwaltet, gebe Tipps zum Panel BUCH, zeige auf, was man bei privaten Publikationen beachten sollte, und gebe Tipps, wie man eigene Layouts mit der Unterstützung von Hilfslinien umsetzt. Weitere Themen: Wie legt man Lesezeichen für einen PDF-Reader im Publisher an und viele neue Ideen für optisch ansprechende Marginalien. Die Anwender von Version 1.0 und Version 2.0 kommen hierbei nicht zu kurz. Ab dieser Ausgabe wird es auch ein M62-Logo geben, jetzt schon zu sehen auf meiner Website. www.magazin62.de
  3. I switched off the hardware acceleration for various errors in the publisher. It makes no difference. The errors and crashes persist.
  4. Hallo. Möchte man einen Textrahmen mit einem Rand dekorieren, benötigte man im Panel Absatz (oder Textstil) bei "Verzierung" Minus-Werte. Bei der Publisher Version 2.0.3. muss man jetzt für den Wert "Unten" einen Plus-Wert nehmen. Das ist doch sicherlich so nicht gewollt?!
  5. Does anyone have an idea how to create a reference in the publisher? In the form "see page". This reference should be updated automatically when the target page changes.
  6. The task manager shows no abnormalities. After an hour of work, the publisher becomes miserably slow. That's not a condition!
  7. I have a computer, Windows 11, with a 4 gigabyte graphics card and 32 gigabytes of RAM. The publisher becomes slower and slower when working within an hour. All other programs work normally, except for the publisher. It goes so far that I can hardly type text in a text frame.
  8. As I said, I don't have any update info under Windows
  9. On Facebook some users talk about, that they get the PUBLISHER 2.03 - update, also for PHOTO. I see nothing. What happen's?
  10. I am working on a book with several chapters. I don't understand why chapters are opened read-only.
  11. I want to say it again. Working with textframes ist very slow. To mark a frame costs time, may 2-3 secounds and to click inside the frame costs time. Changes for the performance have no effect.
  12. Hello, I would like to know how an index is treated when using the books panel. I couldn't find anything about it in the help file.
  13. Publisher V2.0 Nothing changed. Working in a textframe is so slow. I can not work anymore.
  14. For a digital magazine, I want to hyperlink a photo. This worked in Publisher 1.10. The link is displayed in the "Hyperlinks" panel, but you cannot click it in the PDF file.
  15. MAGAZIN62 Das neue Heft ist da. Heft Nr. 12 meines Magazins 62 erklärt die wichtigsten neuen Funktionen des Publisher V2.0. https://magazin62.de/magazin MAGAZIN62 The new magazine is here. Language: German Issue no. 12 of my magazine 62 explains the most important new functions of Publisher V2.0 https://magazin62.de/magazin
  16. Hello could it be that the hyperlinks are not working in the publisher?
  17. Working in a text frame is getting slower and slower. It sometimes takes 6 to 10 seconds for the cursor to move in the frame.
  18. They are not in the forum because they do not know their way around.
  19. These are not offers for users who do not speak English. And there are many of them. I see it on Facebook.
  20. Thank you for the many views. Perhaps certain ways of communicating are not quite so simple. It was important to me to make it clear that there are also somewhat clumsy users. I see that in the many calls for help on Facebook. It would also be a shame if users turned away from Affinity because of this.
  21. Special offers from Serif are also sent via email. Where is the problem? This can also be done via the info screen in the programs. And I've already written it, many don't speak English.
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